25 DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

  I LOVE Valentine’s Day. It’s not really about the gifts and dates to me (ignore that statement if you’re my husband) but I really just love all the fun ways to decorate for the day of….LOVE! So here I have compiled a list of 25 fun, easy DIY decoration ideas! Convo Hearts Wall Hanging […]

Painted Cast Art

Alternate Title: the day I became the coolest mom in the world! Yesterday I shared with you all about the craziness going on in our home lately. That included the sad day Titus broke his arm. The poor kid was so scared to have the orthopedist even touch his arm, let alone put a cast […]

10 DIY Christmas Decorations

  I LOVE Christmas! And I LOVE to decorate for the holiday as well. But one thing that I’m not blessed with is a large budget to purchase all the decorations my heart desires, ha! So I have to whip out my Crafting hat and get to work! Here are some of my favorite DIY […]

Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins

This past weekend I taught a class at our for our first EVER Pinterest party! We all had a blast, and everyone loved their crafts. In case you decided your house needs a tad more fall decorations I have the PERFECT, EASY craft! I originally saw the idea from this blog, but then we took the […]

Easter Egg Dyed Hymnal Garland

DIY, hymnal garland

A tutorial…     When I was finding decorations for Paisley’s birthday party, I went to one of my favorite websites…Etsy! That place has EVERYTHING and often I like to just look on there to get ideas for craft projects. I came across many paper garlands, which I fell in love with, BUT I wasn’t […]