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Monsters University Themed Pinata! #MUJuice


As many of you know, last weekend Monsters University opened in theaters. We absolutely LOVED the first movie, Monsters Inc., and could not have been more excited to see the prequel. Of course after watching the movie my kids HAD to head to Walmart and check out all the cool items they offered Monsters University themed. While at the store I had a brilliant idea to make and pinata of none other than Mike Wazowski…and the kids were in heaven!

Monsters University Pinata

Is he not the cutest?!

Now I figured you too might have some movie fans and they would enjoy a monster craft such as this, just like mine did.

With that in mind, I’ve included a fun, easy tutorial for you and your little ones!

Monsters University Pinata 1

 Here’s what you’ll need:


*paint brushes

*large punch balloons

*bottled glue


*green spray paint

*white paint

*black paint

*blue paint (not pictured)

*green crepe paper

* green card stock

Monsters University Pinata 2

These next items aren’t a necessity to the pinata, but they SURE make this Monsters craft time more fun!

Monsters University 3

 Take your punch balloon and blow it up as big as it will go.

We chose green just to make things consistent, ha!

Monsters University pinata 4

 Make your paste mixture.

This is done by using 2 parts glue and 1 part water.

We ended up using 2 bottles of glue.

Mix together until well blended.

Monsters University Pinata 5

 Next tear your newspaper up into strips.

You’ll probably want the strips about 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 in. wide.

Monsters University Pinata 6

 Dip your strips into the glue mixture and run your fingers along the strip to push off excess paste.

Then apply strip to your balloon.

Repeat this process until the entire balloon is well covered.

Monsters University Pinata 7

 Now it’s time to hang that baby outside to dry.

This will take a couple of hours.

Monsters University Pinata 8

 So while we waited we grabbed ourselves a Monsters University Juicy Juice box.

The kids love them because they taste great, but I love them because they have fruit in them!

Monsters University 9

 Once your balloon is dry it’s time to paint green.

Coat your balloon well so the newspaper is hidden.

**Next time we’ll use primer first, so we don’t have to do as many green coats.**

Monsters University pinata 10

 After the green dries, it’s time to paint the mouth and eye.

I cut out circle templates on paper to trace on the balloon to know where to paint.

While that dries glue or tape your crepe paper arms and legs to the balloon.

Monsters University pinata 11

And there you have it!

Is he not the cutest little pinata ever?! (really he’s almost as big as some of our kids, ha!)

The kids had a blast playing with Mike the pinata, and asked to make another one again soon!

Maybe next time we will actually put candy in it, ha!

Who doesn’t love a good craft time?

And even more so, who doesn’t love a good snack during craft time! Have you tried Juicy Juice?!

For more ways to keep up with Juicy Juice check them out on Facebook and Twitter. And if you want to show Disney some Monsters University love follow along with them as well on Facebook and Twitter!


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  1. Hubby and I just saw this movie last night!

    It was adorable!


  2. What a cute pinata and such a cute idea!

  3. That is awesome! We used to make pinatas all the time. Looks like I need to start again with the girls… they would love this one. :)

  4. This is so cute Brittany and I especially love the photo when they were all drinking Juicy Juice and waiting for the pinata to dry! Best photo! :)


    I am very impressed! Great family project.

  6. What a cute idea!! I’ve never made a pinata before but this inspires me…

  7. It’s too cute to put candy in it and break it! You’ll definitely need to make an extra one. And maybe not as cute next time so it would be OK to break it open… :)

  8. so cute! we would make pinatas as kids all the time, so nice to be reminded how fun it is for kids and how easy it is to make! :)

  9. This is SO awesome…it’s so cute!! My mom used to paper mache everything when I was a kid – I remember her making several Halloween costumes around her mad paper mache skills, lol!

    Love this, and looks like tons of fun.

  10. That is adorable !i Love that you spray painted it! So much quicker then hand painting and waiting for it to dry!

  11. So cute! :)

  12. This is adorable. You did a great job on it.

  13. Very cute! Forgot how easy it is to make a piñata!

  14. So adorable. Thanks for the step by step photos especially the kids drinking and watching the paint dry. Future geniuses every one of them. Enjoy your SITS Day.

  15. Looks amazing@ Great idea! xoxo

  16. That is so cute! I hope to make a pinata someday. Thanks for providing instructions.

  17. Brilliant! I may try this on my son’s birthday!

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