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Don’t Let Bugs Feel at Home with Hot Shot® Insecticides

Hot Shot bug spray.jpg.jpg

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides. Here’s the thing, I am SO not a fan of bugs. Like going outside finding insects, playing with them, and keeping them as pets was NEVER my thing. In fact I still go into panic mode when I see my boys [...]

Ain’t No Arm Party…

fashionable wrap bracelet

Like a fashionABLE Arm Party! My love for the people, mission, and products of fashionABLE are no secret. Frankly I could go on and on about how amazing it is that they help women who have been freed from the sex industry by teaching them a trade, giving them a job so they can provide for themselves, [...]

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is creeping up on us and I for one have been completely busy and have forgotten about it! Yikes! I am SO thankful for this man I get to do life with and my children get to call daddy, so I want him to feel appreciated for all he does. This mama loves [...]

There’s something dead in my car!


Last night as Sam and I headed out to our next to final foster care/adoption class, we were met with a rather unusual circumstance. After exiting off the highway, dreaming of the Starubuck drink we were about to indulge in, we stopped at the light right off the ramp. I’m sure Sam and I were [...]

I am a Birthmother – A story on Adoption

this is my story.jpg

A few weeks ago as we let the news spread about our adoption a crazy thing happened. I had women emailing, texting, and messaging me telling me their stories. It was the oddest phenomenon and one I didn’t expect. but was completely blessed by. That when the idea was born for these stories to be [...]

Shine Bright Like a Diamond- you are worth it, you are loved, you are mine!

adoption art

Let me just be truthful with y’all. These last few weeks have really happened in a whirlwind. Though I’m not sure that I would expect anything less than that when dealing with our family, because we seem to run on hyper-speed compared to others, ha! One thing that has been hard to deal with is, [...]

2 Minute DIY Infinity Scarf

DIY infinity scarf

I love infinity scarves! Don’t we all? But did you know that you could make your own out the fabrics you love for so cheap and so quick?! Yes…it CAN happen, ha! This 2 minute DIY infinity scarf tutorial is probably the easiest one yet! And your new scarf will be the perfect addition to [...]

The Truth Adoption Through Foster Care

foster care adoption.jpg

I’m sad to say it, but I’ve found that this sort of adoption comes with a dirty stigma. To be completely honest I think at one time I could find myself as one of those who looked at foster care adoption that way. Thankfully the Lord has done a work in my heart and this [...]

His Big Day with Millstone® Coffee: Morning Coffee #coffeejourneys


There is something about coffee isn’t there. It has the ability to turn a day around, rally your concentration, and provide comfort on a cold day. Man, if only my life were told as a journey with my coffee. Where has it taken me? Given me the courage to go? Or even who have I [...]

Our BIG News!

adoption 1

Okay, yesterday I dropped a bombshell on everyone…and then left you hanging. How rude of me right?! Well let me just clear some things up for you, because we are SO excited to share! There it is, we are adopting! It has been nothing short of a crazy couple of weeks but we are so [...]