From motherhood to faith, and everything in between; Brittany is a dynamic speaker with spunk and personality. With the God given talent for entertaining and the uncanny ability to engage an audience; she will have the crowd laughing, in tears, or both. Brittany loves to be real and honest, she has a passion for people and a desire to see lives changed. It’s all for God’s glory and what a ride it’s been.


Brittany would love to talk with you about your upcoming event or conference and how she can best partner with you in making it everything you’d hope for. She loves to hear your heart, what direction you’d like to go, and how you all can specifically craft a message for your event. However, there are a few key talks she is often asked to give below. Maybe this will give you an idea on what you’re looking for or help jump start the thinking process how Brittany can best fit.




Life can be chaotic as a mom to 7 kids with only 7 years apart. From learning to juggle all the schedules, carve out individual time, and not be overwhelmed by the continual mess, every mom needs to hear she is ENOUGH. The trick is finding the beauty in all of it and believing that you CAN handle it all…with Christ of course.





Run to Him.

Run in confidence.

Brittany shares her heart, how it was broken, and how a good, good God restored it. All while she hit the pavement win her running shoes. She soon found she was running TO Jesus and nothing was the same.




It seems every woman has questioned her value and worth at some point or another. She’s passionate about helping women of all ages see how truly precious they are to the their Father. They are known, worthy, and loved beyond measure. Through scripture, stories, and personal testimony Brittany challenges women to see they are a precious daughter of the king. Now straighten your crown sister and stand tall!




Have you ever been stricken by fear? Wondering if you’ve really got what it takes to step into the life God has called you to? It’s time to quit hiding and giving into fear. Let’s charge forth leaving fear behind and step out in faith.



You were not meant to live this life alone. God has created you specifically for community. Why is the idea of SISTERHOOD so hard? Maybe there’s a way to make it work. For you to realize your worth, rise up, and grab the sisters around you. There is something so magical and powerful about women coming together, loving each other, and lifting the other up!




Let's chat about your upcoming event!






This is always the toughest question to ask and frankly it’s not the most fun to answer, ha! But after working at several churches and ministries, Brittany knows that every budget is different. Please let us know what your speaker budget is and we will work from there together. If at all possible, money should never be an issue! She would ask that any travel expenses outside of the Houston area be covered in the cost as well.



She is willing to travel anywhere in the United States. If the event is three hours or less away (from Houston, TX) Brittany is willing to drive; beyond that we can discuss flights.




Currently Heading to:

September 26 | SISTERHOOD (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX

October 17 | SISTERHOOD (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX

October 19 | Forgiven Event Houston, TX

October 23 | COF Young Adults (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX

November 21 | SISTERHOOD (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX

December 12 | SISTERHOOD Christmas (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX



January 16 | SISTERHOOD (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX

February 8 | AFFIRMED Event (Travis Avenue Baptist Church) Fort Worth, TX

February 20 | SISTERHOOD (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX

March 14 | Mother Daughter Tea (First Baptist Church) Ponchatoula, LA

March 19 | SISTERHOOD (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX

March 27-28 | Flourish Women’s Conference (Victory Church) Sulphur, LA

April 16 | SISTERHOOD (Community of Faith) Hockley, TX


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