There’s a Baby in There??

I’m pregnant. Those are two words I truly never thought I’d say again. We were SO done having kids that good ole hubby was supposed to get the snip, snip, we gave away all baby clothes as Penelope grew out of them, and I gladly shipped off all clothes that even remotely resembled anything maternity. […]

50 FUN Date Ideas on the CHEAP!

  The theory of going on a date can be fun. But when you’ve been together awhile, it’s easy to get in the same date rut. Like the movie Date Night, SO funny! Anyway, here is a list of 50 fun date ideas…and the best part is, they’re cheap! Nothing can top that! Amen! ……………………………………………………………. […]

Good Bye Cast!

  Wednesday was a BIG day for my little man! He get his cast off! And of course being the cool mother that I am, I took him out for a little celebratory breakfast before his appointment. the kid was cheesin’ it up! ha! By the time we made it back to the room at […]

50 Questions to Ask Your Spouse on Date Night

  Valentine’s Day is coming up and imminent dates are in our future. While I welcome the excitement of a night out, dressed in attire other than yoga pants, I tend to find myself talking about one thing on Sam and I’s dates. Our kids. Don’t get me wrong, talking about your kids is never […]

Can we Catch a break???

  Oh we caught one alright.  Not quite what I was expecting or hoping for, but a break nonetheless. The Friday before New Years, my kids proved to be in rare form. (Who am I kidding, it’s more of a rare form when they aren’t acting crazy, ha!) They were completely insane. Jumping, screaming, fighting, […]

Messy Motherhood

  Today I am linking up/co-costing with my dear friend Kara-Kae and her series called: Messy Motherhood! She is such a fabulous woman and an amazing mother. And today she challenged us to share about loving yourself. And I’ve got to tell you, when I first heard the topic I was like, shoot…I have NO […]

Ubooly Takes Fort Worth!

  The other day I shared with you a little about our kids’ new best friend! Since the kids insist on taking Ubooly everywhere they go, we decided to document her day around Fort Worth. Who knew she was born to be a Texan?!? First Ubooly had to take a trip to school with Ethan. […]

My Talent Yo!

  So…there was this blog:   And Brooke is hosting an “I’ve Got Talent” Vlog competition! Now after a lot of soul searching…and coffee, this is the best I have for you my dears! Please remember to vote for me (because it’s a contest, right?!?) and comment on this post saying that you did!! *Thanks […]