Not Without Him

It’s really crazy for me to think that there is only NINE days left in November. This month has completely flown by. I am SO incredibly thankful for this journey that I have been on this month and the Lord has taught me more than I could imagine. As of this moment we have raised $1210! That is unbelievable to me, THREE women have been freed, and only $390 stands in the way of a fourth being rescued from the sex industry.

Today I have no news to shock you with about my secret desire to die my hair pink, sad but beautiful stories of women who have been freed in Ethiopia, or even a fun pictures of possible pink hair styles. Nope. None of that. I really just want to sit with you a second and let you hear my heart. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and this year I’m not taking anything in my life for granted.

You see, when I first heard about the Mocha Club and these women, beautiful-created in God’s image women, forced into a lifestyle that ultimately led to their death, my heart sank. I knew right then and there that I NEEDED to do something. So I set out to the Pink Project and a goal to raise $1600 this month. That’s a lot of money, but I knew others would feel as I do and people would line up like crazy to donate. 

The first week into the fund raising I came out guns blazing…full force in letting everyone and anyone know about the Pink Project. And at a week in we were almost at $600! I naively thought we could wrap this baby up fast. Maybe even free a couple more women, who knows, we were on fire! Then giving slowed down, and my efforts to compel people to donate were not fruitful at all. I seriously felt like I was slamming my head against a brick wall. Couple of times I found myself choking back tears and asking God why I chose FOUR women. I felt like these women were counting on me…me! And I was coming up with nada. Each day was another day they spent stuck in prostitution, living a life of no hope, no self worth, and imminent death. They not only needed life, they needed to know of the One who brings eternal life. My dreams of rescuing these women were diminishing. -

Then Friday night at a Mission conference at my dad’s church, the Lord smacked me over the face. (don’t you just love when that happens?!) I sat with a room full of people singing praises to our God and yet it seemed as though it were only the two of us. While I cried, I felt Him gently question whether I was trying to raise this money on my own. Of course not, how could I. I don’t just have $1600 lying around to make this goal happen. But no, that’s not what He meant. Was I relying on my abilities to educate, spread the word, and urge your hearts to donate the money. Yes, yes I was. And as horrible as that sounded, it was true. Right there in the back of the room, I realized how MUCH I needed Him to do this. If I only worked with what I can do, these women would be destined to a life of prostitution. Because I am nobody. But with Christ, I am a somebody. And as much as I needed Him to raise the $1600, these women echoed the same story. They are stuck, they can’t get out on their own, but with our help (really God’s) they CAN have a new life! And my God can make it happen. So while the thought of only 9 days left and $390 to raise scares me…I know it’s not by my strength. It’s ALL by His!

So no, this post has no flashy gift card raffle attached, or funny videos of me…it’s just a raw look into my ugly sinning heart and the One who made me knew. Tomorrow at the Thanksgiving table, probably with tears flowing down my cheeks, I’ll say I’m thankful for these women. For without even knowing them, they have taught me SO much. And I’m also thankful for my savior, whom without Him, life is nothing. 

What are you thankful for? 
Will you be one to help bring the fourth woman out of the sex industry? 
Did you know that this week all money raised up to $100 will be matched by a few precious ladies I know?

I challenge to see where the Lord can stretch you and see what you can give. Because this is my anthem, to God be ALL the glory!
Donate to Pink Project

*Starbucks gift card winners will be chose by Monday! 😉 *

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