The Truth Adoption Through Foster Care

I’m sad to say it, but I’ve found that this sort of adoption comes with a dirty stigma. To be completely honest I think at one time I could find myself as one of those who looked at foster care adoption that way. Thankfully the Lord has done a work in my heart and this […]

Our BIG News!

Okay, yesterday I dropped a bombshell on everyone…and then left you hanging. How rude of me right?! Well let me just clear some things up for you, because we are SO excited to share! There it is, we are adopting! It has been nothing short of a crazy couple of weeks but we are so […]

Five on Friday – Louisiana Livin’

Since we announced our big move to Louisiana to the world, life has become extremely crazy! It seems I have never been so popular in my life, ha! Totally just kidding. But between movers, packing, friends, and work commitments these weeks have just flown by…and I’m sure they will continue to do so. Today I’m […]

The thing about a word…

Once you say it, once you declare it and let the whole world know, you sort of need to live up to it. I mean that IS the point of accountability, right?! So I knew the moment I chose a word to work towards for 2014, it was game on. Brave. It’s amazing how only […]

Controversy and the Christian Life

I’m sure you’re like myself and wondering why there is yet another post about Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, and the A&E controversy. Hasn’t it all been said? Haven’t extremists from both sides come out and pranced around defending their beliefs while in some cases ripping people’s names and reputations apart? Well rest easy, I have […]

O Holy Night

Soon the presents will be opened. The feast will be devoured. And family time celebrated. But before all of that happens and you kick back on the couch, family on your last nerve, in a food coma, with a sea of wrapping paper and wonderful new items around you; do you remember what the day […]

Pay Fashion Forward

Hey guys, as the week of Thanksgiving is upon us I wanted to take a second and realize how thankful I am for all I have. And never have I been more grateful than when I truly see how little other have. That’s why I partner with The Mocha Club to help draw attention to […]

What a Month!

To say the month of October was crazy would be an understatement. While this month and this Purpose Project was to help orphans in Africa, I must tell you I think the Lord made it a lot about me too. Not in the “I need attention, glory be to me” kind of way. No, more […]