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Shine Bright Like a Diamond- you are worth it, you are loved, you are mine!

Let me just be truthful with y’all. These last few weeks have really happened in a whirlwind. Though I’m not sure that I would expect anything less than that when dealing with our family, because we seem to run on hyper-speed compared to others, ha! One thing that has been hard to deal with is, how our eyes have truly been opened to the travesties these children have/are going through. I grieve for them, the innocence they’ve lost, the struggles they face, and the issues they now have to work through, all created by no fault of their own. It’s heartbreaking to even comprehend how things like this even happen. But the reality is they do. And that makes me want to grab them all, hold them tight, cry with them, and bring them into our family. Fortunately we are able to do so for one (right now) and that’s what I keep telling myself when the gut wrenching stories, sad statics, and realness of it all is shown around me. adoption picture Last night, I was reminded of a dream I had a few years ago, one that shook me to my core. Have you ever had a dream that felt so real? Like waking up the next morning was almost an extension of the dream? Or has your dream ever left a lasting impression on your heart? Well the memories of it have come back to me and all day today I have been so broken and almost in tears. Because quite frankly this dream has rocked my world and changed my life. There is just no other way to put it. Though some of the details have faded, here’s what I remember:

I can’t tell you where we were, who all we were with, what the rest of the story is, but I can tell you about the scene engraved in my memory. Sam and I were somewhere in a crowded, public place. There were three children with us who were not our own; but running to us, they were frightened, heartbroken, and desperate. Three sets of eyes crying out to me for help, though by the look on their faces they were certain no help would be found. For the life of me I cannot tell you how these sweet kids came to us, but I know they were trying to escape from something. Running from; their parents (I think) shouting “you aren’t worth it”, strangers staring disgustedly, and other random people telling them there is no hope. Without even thinking I huddled those sweet babies around me, held their dirty, tear stained cheeks in my hand, and told them with all my might…


I just kept repeating it over and over until I could see the desperation fade away from their faces. Until they no longer focused on what they were running away from, but what I was telling them. Hugging them tightly I cried for their loss of innocence and prayed I could show them the love they deeply needed. You see it didn’t matter where they came from, but at that moment I wanted them to know that THEY mattered to ME!

And that is all I can remember. But that one scene is haunting, those eyes are calling to me, and I feel like they are waiting for me to find them…rescue them. Even now, as tears roll down my cheeks, I am pleading to the Lord to lead me to those children. Help me rescue them! Because I can’t go another day without them knowing…


Lord show me…

My heart longs to get our child to his new home as soon as possible. Each week I count down as we finish yet another training class (only 2 left!), fill out some more paper work, and check off all the necessary boxes standing in our way. But there is still one pretty big box waiting to be checked and that’s our car. We have to be able to have a seat for our son to sit in, whether it be two cars or one BIG (12 passenger van) car. This is no small feat for us friends. To put it to you bluntly, we can’t afford to go out and purchase a new vehicle, especially in such a short amount of time. But we know God has called us to this journey now and He will provide for us. adoption art While I know that with my head, it’s sometimes hard to keep my heart focused on that fact. I am a worrier by nature, ha! I see that we have merely TWO weeks to get everything together and have another vehicle to be able to bring our son home, our certification depends on it. So as each day goes by I begin to grow weary, questioning whether God truly called us to this journey at this place and time. That’s not how I want to be.

The other day I saw this really cool adoption idea and I wanted to bring it on as my new project. One to keep me focused on all the Lord IS doing and not how far we have to go. This canvas has been covered in diamonds; diamonds that need to be filled with color. adoption art 1 It represents all the money we need in order to purchase a new vehicle and as the money comes in we will paint in the diamonds. Each diamond is $20 and I’d love it if you’d like to join in with us to help fill these babies up! You can purchase your own (or many) and as a thank you I want to write your name on the back of our canvas as well as send you a little gift. I know it takes a village to raise a child and I want to remember everyone along the way who helped bring our sweet son home. After all is said and done this painting will be hanging on our walls for a very long time. It not only displays your kindness, but reminds me of our God’s faithfulness through this entire process. adoption 3

**At the idea of a friend, the paypal donate button has been added for you to easily “purchase your diamonds”, whether is’s one or ten!** 😉




Or if you’d rather just email me, here’s that info:

I look forward to seeing this painting fill up! Please pray for our son, the adoption process, and that I would not fear the unknown but continue to step out in faith. And I look forward to the day when I can scoop him up into my arms and as tears well up in my eyes say,


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The Truth Adoption Through Foster Care

I’m sad to say it, but I’ve found that this sort of adoption comes with a dirty stigma. To be completely honest I think at one time I could find myself as one of those who looked at foster care adoption that way. Thankfully the Lord has done a work in my heart and this is no longer me. But let me tell you the truth about adoption through foster care.

foster care adoption.jpg
The truth is that there are THOUSANDS of innocent children who have been beaten, neglected, abused, and so on. Then as if that isn’t bad enough, they are stripped of the only family they’ve ever known, making them orphans, and all alone. This was not their choice, they did not ask for all of these things to happen, but we live in a fallen/broken world friends and circumstances like these are a very real deal. In light of what I just said, people tend to run from these children fearing the baggage they now carry. It’s too messy and complicated; but aren’t we all? What if God said, “Nope, I’m not going to sacrifice my only son for Brittany. Her life, heart, and circumstances are too messy. I’m not about to deal with that.” No, thankfully He looked past all of that mud and sludge to see who he made me to be. I am here today because He has redeemed me. Now I’m not likening our adoption to Christ’s redemption, but we are looking past these nasty things at the heart of these children. Will it be easy? No. Are there things ahead that we’ll face that are unknown and we can’t prepare for? Yes. But through this process, the good and the bad, we are praying for the Lord’s leading and to solely bring glory to Him.

One thing I did not expect as we began this journey was how split our community of friends and acquaintances would be about our foster to adopt process. While I expected the typical “You’re crazy, another kid?” bit, I never anticipated having to defend our type of adoption, the age of the child we are open to, or calling into question God’s calling. I’m sure people meant well while asking us these questions, but it only stirs up fear, anxiety, and ultimately Satan runs ramped in my mind with horrid scenarios. So instead of sharing all your fears, reservations, or horror stories with us, please just join us in praying for our adoption. Pray for protection, favor, and ultimately God to be glorified. Easy or hard, whatever it may be, we just want to follow His leading. Because there is no sweeter place than inside His will.
Y’all these children need us. Will you step out in faith, abandon the stigma, and help give one (or more) a forever home? Take a deeper look and find out the truth about adoption through foster care…it’s all about these children.


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Our BIG News!

adoption Okay, yesterday I dropped a bombshell on everyone…and then left you hanging. How rude of me right?! Well let me just clear some things up for you, because we are SO excited to share!

There it is, we are adopting! It has been nothing short of a crazy couple of weeks but we are so thankful and blessed to be on this journey. Through this foster to adopt process I really want to be as transparent as possible. One because let’s face it, I’m not good at sugar coating things and two because I haven’t found a ton of information on this type of adoption. So I want others considering this route (and boy do I hope you will) to kind of know what to expect, how our journey is, and to know they are not alone.

1399868034(Gorgeous nest ring from none other than the AMAZING Melody Joy Designs.)

I realize there are going to be many questions people will have for us and some may be along the lines of questioning our sanity for adding a sixth child to the family. Sometimes we question our own sanity as well, ha! But there is one thing certain, Sam and I both feel the Lord’s leading to embark on this journey and bring this sweet little boy home. One of my friends recently joined us on this adoption journey and he wrote a great blog post on what friends and family need to know about what we are doing right now. All of this applies to us as well. It’s such weird/muddy waters we’re in right now and we are trying our best, with the Lord’s help, to navigate it.

But please, PLEASE consider partnering with us in praying for these 3 things:

*The process – His guidance and wisdom, protection for us and our little man, that the Lord will knit our hearts together, and that this journey will bring glory to Him.

*Finances – while this type of adoption isn’t expensive we do have a unique need right now. Our one and only vehicle doesn’t have any extra seats in it, so we need to get a new one. In fact, we would LOVE to get a 12 passenger van like this one that we could not only grow into, but fit comfortably in. These are not cheap and we cannot just go out and buy one. In order to bring our son home (possibly as soon as July!) we need to be able to have a place for him to ride. We know the Lord will show up in mighty way when it comes to this, but please join me in praying for this need to be met! …Also pray for patience on my part, because I am super anxious about when/how we will get a car (since we need it soon), but I am trusting (try oh so hard anyway) the Lord has got this!

*Lastly for resources – we are looking for blogs, books, podcasts, etc. on this type of adoption. We want to read anything and everything we can get our hands on! It seems the hardest part of this journey is not knowing what to expect and what our timeline looks like. Whew, it’s tough!

But all in all, we are BEYOND excited and SO glad we can shout this from the rooftops!

WE ARE ADOPTING!!! adoption 1
Wait for us little man, because WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!


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Five on Friday – Louisiana Livin’

Since we announced our big move to Louisiana to the world, life has become extremely crazy! It seems I have never been so popular in my life, ha! Totally just kidding. But between movers, packing, friends, and work commitments these weeks have just flown by…and I’m sure they will continue to do so. Today I’m stopping all of the craziness to sit down and share some fun items I’d love to live the Louisiana life in style!


In case you didn’t know I’ll be practically living in the swamp once we move. Not really, but I think it’ll help my case on this stylish item. Even though it won’t be an actual swamp, it does rain quite often and nobody wants to ruin a good pair of shoes while out and about, right?! So it’s important to do this Louisiana living right and strut your stuff in confidence. That’s why when I saw my oh so fashionable friend Ashley wear these boots, I had to have them!


Hot pink or as they call it: Lipstick Pink Hunter rain boots?!?! Can you imagine anything more perfect?! I know, right?!



If you’ve been around this blog long enough, then you know my obsession with Pure Barre. One of the most tragic things about our move (while I am really excited for this new adventure) is the fact there is no Pure Barre studio anywhere near us. Y’all let’s have a moment of silence please.

While I am still adjusting to this travesty against woman-kind, I have found a solution that I hope will carry me through.

pure barre collage

The complete DVD set and equipment from Pure Barre’s online store. Now I’ll have everything I need to lift, tone, and burn at home. You’re welcome Sam! 😉



In order to embrace Louisiana living properly, I thought this adorable throw pillow would do just the thing! While leaving our life in Texas and traveling even further from our homeland of Arkansas, we couldn’t be more excited and ready to put down some roots and embrace the Cajun life! Isn’t this pillow fun?!il_570xN.524229554_rf80

I think will brighten up any room!



As we discussed in number one, rainy weather is a frequent afair. But along with the rainy weather, there is equally humid and sunny days. This calls for some drastic measures my friend. I recently discovered these GORGEOUS sun glasses and knew these only thing they were missing was the fact that they weren’t living on my face, ha! Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 10.35.04 AM

Sunny days are NO problem for these Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses! Did you know that these are replicas of the sunglasses Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?! I die. But along with that I need to be prepared for the crazy humidity the cajun life brings. Because of this, I think wearing my hair up off of my neck and counteracting the frizzing that may happen a lot. But that can get boring fast! So these turbans from She Does Justice are EXACTLY what I need!!SDJ collage

So stylish and oh so forgiving when my hair decides to have a mind of it’s own! Also, did you know that She Does Justice donates 10% of their gross profit each month to people/organizations in need?! So any time you buy from them you are helping people out! LOVE THAT!



When I saw this shirt online, I about flipped. I am almost certain there was never a more perfect shirt created for me. And since my husband IS going to be the Children’s Minister at a church, I think it’s a must!il_570xN.492614411_82jz

Plus it’s hot pink! How could I pass that up?!?!


Well there you have it my friends! How I think Louisiana livin’ should be!

Happy Friday!



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The thing about a word…

Once you say it, once you declare it and let the whole world know, you sort of need to live up to it. I mean that IS the point of accountability, right?! So I knew the moment I chose a word to work towards for 2014, it was game on.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 11.09.27 PMIt’s amazing how only a few short weeks into this sure to be stellar year, have I struggled with my word. Sometimes it’s just easier to stick with what you’re already doing. Even if it’s not benefiting you, because frankly change is hard. It’s hard to look adversity or change in general in the face and say I’m choosing to be brave. To step out of the boat, upon the raging seas in faith, to take chances on dreams, and to bravely listen to that still small voice inside. You ARE worth the risk, you ARE capable of more than you give yourself credit for, and you CAN be BIG! DO BIG! DREAM BIG!

Yes, saying that I plan to be brave in 2014 is easy. But actually BEING brave is hard.

But the time has come, to be brave, trust the Lord and share this “secret” I’ve been keeping. Our family has finally gotten into this cozy yet crazy rhythm over these last six months since Pippa was born. Who knew that a fifth child would fit so perfectly into our lives, that we were missing a tiny puzzle piece shaped just like her? But I couldn’t imagine a life that existed without her. Isn’t it amazing how many changes are often thrown in your lap and you never really planned to head in that particular direction, but as everything has unfolded you realize God truly orchestrated something completely magical and you were so lucky to be a part of it all. Sure you spend some time in fear of the unknown, or worry if you’re capable, but there’s a sliver of peace floating around inside. And as you catch a glimpse of it you grasp onto it and hold to what you know is true.  Believing the Lord has a great plan for you and allowing yourself to smile at the possibilities of things that might scare others.

Well friends, I’m happy to say that our family is now at that crossroads again. We are 2-14Expecting to move. Next month Sam will begin a new career. One he has longed for, felt the Lord leading him to, and trained for. He will be starting a job in church ministry, Children’s Ministry to be exact. (How fitting, right?! It’s almost like God knew we had a thing for kids, ha!) This new journey sort of just fell in our laps and we are completely in awe of how the Lord has orchestrated it all. Only He could get credit for all that has gone on here. Along with this new career comes a new home. We get the privilege to move to Louisiana, and I do mean privilege. If you asked me years ago if I’d ever live in Louisiana my answer would’ve been no, not that I have anything against the state, I just always planned to move back to the Promise Land (aka: Arkansas, ha!); but the last couple of weeks I have fallen in love with it. So I am EXCITED to call Louisiana my home. 101162293.zTG7Eq7U

(photo credit)

With all of this excitement there is a little pain, a little sadness, and somewhat of a loss. That’s the hard part of moving, you have to leave your friends and family behind. Why can’t they just load up in the moving truck with our stuff? I realize moving away doesn’t mean goodbye…and I’m quite excited to partake in the lost art of snail mail (aka: letter writing), because who wouldn’t love a little pocket of sunshine from me?! ha!

So there you have it my friends. This year WILL be great. I WILL be a part of great things.

And I WILL be brave.

Here’s to our new journey….I cannot wait!


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Controversy and the Christian Life

I’m sure you’re like myself and wondering why there is yet another post about Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, and the A&E controversy. Hasn’t it all been said? Haven’t extremists from both sides come out and pranced around defending their beliefs while in some cases ripping people’s names and reputations apart? Well rest easy, I have nothing to add to those sentiments. I do however want to offer some thoughts brought on by this controversy and many that seem to creep up in our culture.

Where should Christians find themselves when controversy comes knocking? Often the answer is right smack dab in the middle. But is that where our efforts should be? Should we really set up camp around these issues and fight to the death in hopes for a victor to arise? I’m starting to think not. Now before you gasp in shock and feel I might have replaced my stance and beliefs with some watered down version in an effort to not offend my fellow man, fear not. My list of beliefs and values, that I feel are backed by what the Bible says, go on as far as the day is long, even down to the type of mayonnaise you should use. (Okay, so maybe not the mayo part, ha!) Beliefs that I could debate you on up, down, and sideways until you and I are blue in the face. My father is a very black or white issue kind of man and for better or for worse, I seem to have adopted that stance as well. And while there is a time for the you’re either right or wrong, or you’re either for me or against me mantra; I’d say to save it for the battlefield. Yes, I do agree that there is a spiritual war in our country, but I feel like we are arming our cannons with the wrong ammo.

jesus (Photo from The Passion of the Christ movie)

Instead of jumping on the controversy bandwagon, I’d like to suggest an alternative. Focus on Jesus. It’s as simple as that. Don’t work so hard to shine light on others’ sins, but lead them to Jesus and let Him do the work. It’s like taking advice from a pee wee football player when you could be listening to an NFL player. (Except I clearly wouldn’t listen to the Cowboys because let’s face it, that’s a sad, sad story.) We are human, we mess up, and we also have a sinful nature. With that said, sometimes the heart of the issue gets lost in translation by the delivery. Get what I’m saying? One thing is certain though, if we allow Jesus to work in others’ hearts instead of us, He will never fail on delivery. He IS and WAS perfect. Who better to change someone’s heart? Friends we could repel the very people who need Jesus the most (Well don’t we all?!) by harping on issues or taking sides like we are the judge, jury, and executioner. I for one am thankful that that is not my job.

Lead them to the cross, show them who He was (and IS), and how much He loves them. You should love them something fierce too. Hate or the appearance of hate changes nothing, but love…now that is a game changer right there. Live your life being Jesus to everyone you encounter. Not the tossing tables Jesus in the temple, but the Jesus who protected the adulterous woman. Love them, don’t change them. It’s not your job, it’s God’s. And He is fully equipped for the challenge.


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O Holy Night

Soon the presents will be opened.

The feast will be devoured.

And family time celebrated.

But before all of that happens and you kick back on the couch, family on your last nerve, in a food coma, with a sea of wrapping paper and wonderful new items around you; do you remember what the day was even about?!

I know it’s easy for me to get caught up in all of the shopping, crowds, Christmas decorations, and stress. Then on Christmas morning I find myself focusing on the crack of dawn wake up call from my kids, never-ending cooking, and the necessity to photograph EVERYTHING. Sure I know what Christmas is all about, but it seems that up until Christmas Eve and then after, all of that flies out the window. Are you the same way?
So how do you keep your heart focused on God’s gift to mankind before and after Christmas?

My favorite Christmas Carol, hands down, is O Holy Night. This song makes me bawl like a baby. Why? Because every time I hear the words, I’m forced to see the depravity of our sinful selves and stand in awe of our Savior’s love.

O Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Savior’s birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
O night divine, the night when Christ was born;
O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!
O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!

You see we were stuck in sin, a life that led only to death and destruction. But God looked down and because of His love for us, offered a way for use to have hope. Hope in Him. We celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Jesus. On that day a couple thousand years ago, hope was born. Born with a sweet baby in a manger sent ultimately as a sacrifice for our sins. Without this one tiny little detail we would still be stuck in a life wanting, seeking, and searching for more. Christmas is really all about Easter. The path to Calvary began in Bethlehem.

This song strips my mind of presents, annoying family members, and loads of cooking/cleaning that I tend to get wrapped up in. I stop, fall on my knees, and Praise our Lord for loving me so much. You should get goosebumps while standing in awe of His gift, I know I do. Now that’s something to rejoice about.

What if we left a little reminder out for us to see?

(Found here where you can download the pdf too!)

This is a free printable I found online and I plan to hang it in my house for our family to see daily. What if you did the same thing? Placing it on our walls, mirrors, or dressers so we can keep our hearts present to the power of love shown to us?!

Let’s guard our hearts and stay focused on the ONE thing this holiday is all about, His Birth.


What’s one way you keep the true meaning of Christmas present in your home?



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Pay Fashion Forward

Hey guys, as the week of Thanksgiving is upon us I wanted to take a second and realize how thankful I am for all I have. And never have I been more grateful than when I truly see how little other have. That’s why I partner with The Mocha Club to help draw attention to the atrocities going on in our world, to give hope to these people, and encourage us to stretch ourselves and give to our fellow (wo)man. As it so happens I have a sweet friend who decided to embark on a journey this month by challenging herself with a Purpose Project. Nicole is one of the realest women you’ll ever meet. She has such a heart for the Lord and would love nothing more than to help these ladies in Africa. See what she has to say:
012 (3)
When I thought about doing a purpose project, I knew I wanted to do something that was really going to push me beyond my comfort zone. Someone mentioned skydiving and I reminded them I said ‘comfort zone’- not dying. So I came up with ‘Pay Fashion Forward’, a two-fold purpose project.

I will raise $1000 to fund healthcare and education for 25 women in the Kibera slum of Nairobi for an entire year. When I reach my goal, I will sell 1/3 of my wardrobe in a boutique sale with all proceeds going to my very first mission trip to El Salvador in February.

I’m excited about doing this project to not only help the women in Kibera but also the people of Anemona, El Salvador.

But there is one tiny problem.

And I feel like a jerk for even thinking this.

I don’t WANT to give up 1/3 of my wardrobe.

I am incredibly sentimental. I have a strong emotional attachment to my clothes. Various t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, pants and shorts. Clothes I’ve wanted, purchased and worn happily. Clothes I’ve gone to concerts, movies and vacations in. Clothes I’ve cried laughed and loved in.

To be honest, I’m embarrassed about how much of a heart issue this is for me.

Last year, I read the 7 Experiment. IN fact, I DID the 7 experiment for a series of weeks with some ladies at my church. During the clothes section, I wore the same work skirt or pants for 2 weeks straight. I also wore the same pair of jeans when I was dressed casually and I wore zero makeup. It was easier than I thought, but also harder than I thought.

Because inside? We are sort of ugly. Our hearts are all wrapped up with how we look. We can say it doesn’t matter to us or that we don’t find value in looking good- it’s all about Jesus- but that’s not really how we are. Why else would we have Pinterest boards and fashion mags and closets full of stuff we don’t even wear?

I’m not trying to say that feeling good in what adorns your body is bad. I think you can most certainly look and feel good in what you are wearing. I’m just speaking truth about a serious heart issue. And I can say this because I’m this way too. I DO find value and worth in how I look and what I wear. As much as I hate to admit it- it’s true. Deep inside? We’re all a little vain.

What would I do if it was all stripped away? Would I feel differently about myself?

I hear these stories about African women living in Kibera and I’m struck by the severe contrast.

I start thinking about how MUCH I have. I have a healthy body. I just ran my second marathon in October. I have a great job. In fact, I just started a new business. I have a great community of family, friends and believers who support me all the time. I have money in the bank, a retirement fund, a warm

place to sleep and food in my refrigerator. I even have a car with less than 100,000 miles. I have a closet and shelves full of clothes.

These women in Africa have a whole different set of life circumstances. Their bodies are not strong and healthy, often weak and ravaged by HIV/AIDS and lack of nutrition. They can’t work or make money due to illness and/or lack of resources and education. Their community is often broken, they don’t have people to help them out and take care of them when they need it most. They don’t have bank accounts, floors in their houses or refrigerators. They don’t own cars and they can’t even imagine what 100 items of clothing would look like.

And I’m boo-hooing about giving up 100 of 300 items of clothing? Really?

I decided to make my purpose project a fashion purge because I want to strip it away. I want to simplify and pass along things I have excess of to make room for things that are more important. I want to purge away the ugliness in my heart and make room for more love and Jesus. I wanted to feel a sacrifice- even if it is a bit of a #firstworldproblem. I want to use my resources as fuel to change the life of someone who might not have had another option.

Everyday I’m faced with hundreds of options when I open my closet.

The women of Kibera don’t have a single option.

At least not without our help.

Our small sacrifices are giving them options they never would have otherwise had- healthy lives, education and jobs.

When it comes down to it- this purpose project isn’t about me or my addiction to t-shirts. It’s about each of us having the opportunity to give HOPE to someone who desperately needs it.

Please join me in being a giver of hope.


Y’all Nicole has FIVE days left to finish raising the $1000 and she has $660 left to go! Help her out!


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What a Month!

To say the month of October was crazy would be an understatement. While this month and this Purpose Project was to help orphans in Africa, I must tell you I think the Lord made it a lot about me too. Not in the “I need attention, glory be to me” kind of way. No, more like a “you need a lot of work Brittany, let me use this month to show you where I need to mold you more” kind of way. And boy did He.

There were points this month where I had decided to NEVER do another Purpose Project. It’s just too tough, I hate the rejection, I can’t let these people (in Africa, as well at the FAB mocha club peeps) down. Life is a lot easier when I’m not having to inspire, encourage, compel, and sometimes beg people to donate money. But then the Lord reminded me that the things worth doing are NEVER easy. And I really don’t want to live my life just chillin’ on the couch doing the easy things. No, I want to make a difference. And when I became SO focused on a goal, would I reach it, would I not, my husband sweetly suggested that I switch my focus. Because victory was not in the $2000, it was in even just ONE orphan being cared for. No matter what the goal, someone was getting up and doing something about this horrible crisis, and any amount was remarkable.

Then on November 1st as I woke and checked my phone I realized we hadn’t JUST helped eight orphans. Y’all that goal was too small for God and your giving hearts. We did better:

All for the orphans! Are you smiling right now?! I am…ear to ear, teethy, cheesy, Hallelujah, Amen kind of smile!

Sometimes the Lord calls you to step out on faith with a goal, dream, etc. and you see no way of making it happen (He does though). But you do it, because the blessings He will rain down on you in your obedience are phenomenal. Lord, thank you for letting me be a part of this!!! Have you ever thought about doing a Purpose Project of your own?! DO IT! You will be challenged, stretched, and Blessed beyond belief! Jump in feet first, help these precious people in Africa with one of the wonderful projects going on through the mocha club, do something you’ve always wanted to do, and make a difference!

Now it’s time to start the fun journey of applying for the reality show Big Brother! What should I wear? Any suggestions of how to make a killer submission tape? Do you think I even have a chance to be on the show?! Ha!

Thanks for the support this month! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

To a Bucket List with a Purpose!




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