And for the Reveal – My Pink Hair!

THIRTY days in November. SIX days worth of blog posts. MANY hours sharing and praying. WE MET OUR GOAL! Not only did we meet it, we blew it out of the water! $2810 raised. SEVEN women freed from the sex industry! MANY tears of joy shed. Do you not get goosebumps?!?! I sure do! Thank […]

Pink Project – The End Stretch

With two days left in the month, I felt like I should update you guys with a video. Please ignore all my “ums”, ha! After replaying it for myself I decided to keep the video like it was. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for all the support! $2410 $2410! $2410!!!! HOLY COW […]

Not Without Him

It’s really crazy for me to think that there is only NINE days left in November. This month has completely flown by. I am SO incredibly thankful for this journey that I have been on this month and the Lord has taught me more than I could imagine. As of this moment we have raised […]

Pick My Pink

  It’s completely scary to think that we are almost half way through the month of November?!? Ahh! As of right now we have raised $685 which means we are short $915. We have 17 days to finish helping these women with the Pink Project! Will you please help get the word out?! Maybe pray […]

Coffee Date Vlog – Skip the BUCKS!

  Yep you heard me right! Today I am challenging everyone to donate at least $5 to the Pink Project! You can skip that Pumpkin Spice Latte, pass on that double cheeseburger combo, or heck check the seat cushions for change! But I’m sure you can find $5 somewhere. Let’s take this money, not matter […]

Meet the Women We Can Help FREE! #pinkproject

Y’all I am Beyond thrilled to tell you that we are a 1/3 of the way there on donations! How crazy, awesome is that?! One women IS freed, she has the opportunity at a new life. We’ve raised $525! Wow, WOW! Last week I shared with you my secret, which involved raising money to help […]

The Pink Project

Pink hair is FUN. Pink hair is a little SCANDALOUS. BUT… Pink hair now has a PURPOSE! Pink hair now means FOUR women’s lives have been changed! These women in Ethiopia have a right to life. A life outside of HIV/AIDS and the sex industry. They deserve to feel worthy, loved, and to love themselves. […]