Meet the Women We Can Help FREE! #pinkproject

Y’all I am Beyond thrilled to tell you that we are a 1/3 of the way there on donations! How crazy, awesome is that?! One women IS freed, she has the opportunity at a new life. We’ve raised $525!

Wow, WOW!

Last week I shared with you my secret, which involved raising money to help four women in Ethiopia. Today I just want to share with you some about the ladies from the Women at Risk program. These ARE real women, they ARE stuck in prostitution, they ARE wishing for a way out, and WE can make that possible. This is a glimpse at what prostitution looks like on the streets in Ethiopia.

It’s a dirty, degrading, lifeless, money driven industry. BUT women can have hope, and find their way out through the Women at Risk program. Meet Fekerete, she is one of the BEAUTIFUL ladies who is no longer stuck in the sex industry. Fekerete is currently going through the rehabilitation program and she now has hope, love, and self worth. How can you not smile when looking at her face?!

Here is her story:

“I am 1 of 9 children to parents who were farmers . My father was a violent man who often beat my mother . At age 10, all of my siblings suddenly died of chickenpox . One morning, I found my mother hanging lifeless in our home after committing suicide . Life after that became unbearable . At 15, I ran away from the farm and began working as a housemaid . After working for 5 years, a friend told me I could make much more money if I worked in prostitution like herself . So, that night, I followed her to a club . Because I was a virgin, the club owners placed me up for auction and then the highest bidder raped me . I moved from night club to night club for the next 9 years . Pregnant from a customer, I gave birth to a son, but the hardest part was finding out I had contracted HIV and my son had heart complications . When I heard about Women at Risk, I immediately enrolled into the program . I so want to receive training that will give me an employable skill and get healthcare for my son so he can thrive.”

These women are yearning for a way out. And that costs money. We have given ONE woman a chance at a new life, but will you help me free THREE more?! Four women, just like Fekerete, who have no other way to survive than to turn to prostitution. Then sadly most of those women, like Fekerete, develop HIV/AIDS. This is NOT the life God wanted for them. BUT I do believe God has called me, and maybe you to help!
I want to share with you this video. While the women are going through the program they learn a new job trade. You do not understand how empowering this is for them. They now have the ability to provide for their family without the sex industry. FashionABLE is the thing that completes the circle, because once these women are freed, you can buy a beautiful scarf from them! One they made, one that gives them pride in their work, and one they support their family with!

So let’s do this!

Many women NEED our help! All they needed was a way. They ARE brave, they ARE courageous…because they ARE still alive. $525 is an AMAZING start…but we still need $1,075.

Maybe that can be done this week?

But I can’t do it without your help!

Please donate and spread the word!

Donate to Pink Project
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    I’m trying to spread the word to all my friends who don’t even have Facebook or Twitter. Girl, this is such an exciting thing to be a part of! I swear I’m sending some money on Friday (when we get paid) hhehe

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