That time I got my nose pierced

Yes, I may be almost thirty years old, but for 12 years I’ve wanted to get my nose pierced. However my sweet little hubby has NEVER been a fan of the idea. Now I know that I could totally go get it pierced without his approval, but I respect him enough not to do so. Plus I’d like him to like it after it’s done. I mean he DOES have to stare at this mug until the day he dies. Lucky man, ha!

Well you all know that I have become COMPLETELY smitten with Periscope. Who wouldn’t, it’s down right the best thing ever! Anyway, Sam gave me what seemed to be an impossible challenge in gaining over 150,000 hearts on periscope in only ONE week. If the goal was met, I could get my nose pierced. WOOHOO! Honestly, I thought I would have to work HARD to barely squeak out a victory in that week. Never did I expect to have my followers get as excited about a challenge as I was and rise to occasion so quickly. With their enthusiasm we blew our 150K goal out of the water in a little over 24 hours. Seriously, I could NOT believe it.
Without waisting time I jumped on the opportunity and went out for a night with some friends as I got my nose pierced. And like the good Periscope gal that I am, I scoped the entire thing! Would you like to see it?

Man, it’s still a little weird to see that go down, but y’all I’m in LOVE!! What do you think, like it?

Any of you have or want their nose pierced?

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