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Getting your little girl dressed for the holidays

As the holidays are vastly approaching I’ve started to panic a little about our annual Christmas card picture. Finding outfits for nine people to wear that semi coordinates, is no joke. Seriously, that’s why it doesn’t happen often, ha! Then after you have all of the clothing situated you pray for a miracle and all children cooperate for just one perfect shot. It’s a lot of work, whew.
But I must saying finding the perfect dress is a magical moment. Especially when said dress can be located online and it arrives at your door better than you had imagined!

This year I think we plan to be a little dressy for our pictures and then wear those clothes for Christmas Sunday. Two birds, One stone- see what I did there?! Anyway, I love a good black and white combo with a some pops of color. So when I found this dress for Paisley I may have squealed a little. I found this beauty (the dress not the girl) at Girls Dress Shop and let me tell you, I almost purchased them all because they were so adorable and such high quality. More importantly, I love that they believe children should look like children and their clothing is an expression of themselves. That means they sell beautiful, trend right, yet still age appropriate styles for girls from newborn to age 12. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

I think Girls Dress Shop really knows mothers too. When we shop, we imagine our little girls actually IN the clothing, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Smiling at how they’ll look, what they’d do, and how much you love them. That’s pretty much what they think too…

“At Girls Dress Shop, we love to make moments. We believe in sidewalk chalk masterpieces, Saturday afternoon tea parties, and epic blanket forts. We think twirling in a favorite new dress is a totally worthwhile way to spend an afternoon, and — having a pretty new dress now and then is a girl’s right!

In her gorgeous new dress from Girls Dress Shop, she can dazzle on the dance floor, make her grandmother smile at a family dinner, amaze the audience at her choir concert, or just feel more confident on her first day back to school. We want to share in all of those moments that make your daughter extraordinary.”

How could you not get excited about a dress like that?! Come to think of it, I made some pretty fantastic memories with my precious little lady while snapping these pictures. She is growing up to be such a sweet, caring, intelligent girl. It makes me excited to see her as she grows, who she becomes, and style blossoms.


But for now, she’s still my baby girl and in a second our little photo session was over. My model met her photographing limit, found her inner diva, and couldn’t stand still any longer. Good thing she’s still cute!

What are your favorite kid holiday clothing trends?



Compensation was provided by Girls Dress Shop via MomTrends Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Girls Dress Shop or Momtrends Media.

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2014 Golden Globes Fashion Recap

The glitz and glam of award shows are down right mesmerizing! So much so, Paisley is now obsessed with them too! In fact I remember coming home from the hospital right after having her and we sat on the couch and watched the Oscars together. We talked about the dresses, what worked, what didn’t…granted she didn’t seem to have much of an opinion back then. It was all so wonderful, she was my first daughter and after two boys I wanted to do this girly thing right! Now it’s become our yearly ritual and she has developed quite an opinion of her own. Most of the time her favorite is which dress sparkles the most, which one is made in her current favorite color, or the one that comes across the screen right before her attention span has hit it’s limit, ha! No matter how long she lasts I love, love, love this little tradition we have going.

This year I decided to kick it up a notch. As you know, we’ve been having fun making wrapping paper dresses, so why not mimic some of the amazing ones seen on the red carpet?! Paisley of course LOVED this idea, because homegirl has an affection for being in front of the camera. (Like her mama, maybe?! ha!) Plus she always insisted to wear lipstick…because “the girls in the picture have some on.”. Touche, Touche, my dear. After the Golden Globes I took to the internet and picked a few fun looks, then Paisley chose which she loved from there! It was a blast! And here is our 2014 Golden Globes Fashion Recap…from a mother and her 3 year old!
2014 golden globes fashion recap

When I began looking through dresses I noticed this beautiful dress! Do you think the designer follows me on Instagram and was inspired by New Years Eve look?! A girl can dream, ha!
2014 golden globes looks (photo credit)

For our first look we chose this classy number:
2014 golden globes looks 1 (photo credit)
Now while I feel you can never go wrong with black and I LOVE lace, I felt like this look was too safe.

Look two had me a little blue:
2014 golden globes looks 2 (photo credit)
I must say, even though I am a HUGE fan of 60’s fashion (like obsessively love it, ha!), this dress was a little underwhelming. Maybe if there was a statement necklace or if the dress was a different color? But the design was awesome!

Look three is ode to one of my favorite Hollywood ladies right now:
2014 golden globes looks 3 (photo credit)
Simple and stunning…minus the fact that it looks like her boobs are suffocating! (Can’t you just hear Joan Rivers saying that?)

Let’s brighten things up with look four:
2014 golden globes looks 4 (photo credit)
This dress is so fun and cheery! The color, design, and how it hugged the body was perfect!

Lastly, this last look was a new one for me:
2014 golden globes looks 5 (photo credit)
Possibly my favorite look of the night. Maybe because it was so unexpected, but completely worth it! Well played Emma Watson, well played!


Well that’s our thoughts on the Golden Globes!

If you want to see what we’re working on now or how the other awards show fashion recaps look like, check us out on Instagram!


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And then it happened…


largeIt’s a new year, full of new hopes and dreams, so fresh you can almost taste them. Friends, now is the time to reach out and grasp those suckers. Make them happen now…before the weight of the world tries to drag you down and doubt creeps in. Don’t make haste…believe, believe, believe. Well that is what I keep telling myself. Though I am never short of ideas, I often lose momentum and they rarely come to fruition. Sad, but true. This year, I am refusing to believe that about myself and plan to push my potential to it’s brink of shattering into a million pieces. Because it’s right near the end, when you’re tired, shaking, cursing the day you were born, and ready to give it all up, that the change happens. (yes, I DID just pull a Pure Barre reference, ha! Who knew a work out could be so life altering?!) This year I want to live in the shaky, edge of the cliff potential, life changing dream moments. Nothing will be left in the dust. No back burner living. I refuse to let my fear or self doubt wrap itself around me and like a boa constructor squeezing the life out of what could be.

Peace out 2013 and hello a crisp 2014 dollar bill. I am breathing you in like never before. Carrying this new mantra requires me to say yes to many things I’d just only entertain the thought of for a few seconds.

As many of you know, a couple of months ago I started making these cute outfits/costumes out of random items so Paisley could play dress up. And like any good social media addict, I had to post these creations on Instagram for all to see. They quickly evolved into a whole different animal that I hadn’t planned. I found a new love and it required quite a bit of wrapping paper and tape, ha! As I created a Holiday Collection of dresses just for fun, many of you guys grew attached to these beauties just as I had. Didn’t hurt that the sweetie modeling my wares was down right precious and could work an outfit like nobody’s business! That’s when a friend suggested me make a book of these looks. I kind of smirked as I replied to her saying I had already planned to do so and save them for Paisley one day. Little did I know, that she didn’t mean THAT kind of book. Of course it was a sweet idea, but she had something else in mind. Yep, you guessed it. A fun coffee table book for any and all to buy. I was very doubtful about this idea, I mean would people really buy this? (Hello, that was SO 2013 talking!) Then after pitching the idea to a few friends and family they all said I should.

And then it happened….

I reluctantly said yes. Yes to my potential. Yes to my success. And what scares me most, possible yes to a big flop of a failure. But we won’t wade around in that muck for too long or I may never come out, ha! Frankly, I’m kind of excited. It’s so much fun to think and draw up these designs. Plus, I have developed a slight addiction to wrapping paper…this could be dangerous! But these will be some fun, exciting, and hopefully inspiring pages! Pretty sure I’m up to around 70 pages already. YIKES! 

So there it is. I’m spilling my guts for all to see. I hope you’ll love it. Of course I hope you’ll buy it.


But here’s to a shaky, life changing year!

Bring it on 2014!


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Fueling our model #halosfun

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Halos. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

Being a model is tough work. Especially when your 3 years old and you have the attention span of a goldfish! So while we love to have our mommy-daughter design time, I need to have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep her focused and easy going. That my friends is snack…yes, you feed her and she will cooperate, ha! But I’m not really a fan of always shoving cookies and chips down her throat; I mean she SHOULD have some fruits and vegetables, right!? And in our family we LOVE some juicy oranges. Halos oranges to be exact! This stroke of parenting genius not only extends my time to be able to create a wrapping paper masterpiece, but I am also giving my girls some healthy, tasty snacks. Win-win ladies and gentlemen.
DSC00221DSC00228DSC00239And because of healthy snacking and distracting an active toddler, we were able to come up with some pretty incredible looks. All out of wrapping paper. Take a look at our Holiday Collection!
Look One: A fun and playful 1980’s Throwback! This says; “Let’s Party!”
Look Two: For the sophisticated women ready to wow the crowd at a Business Christmas Party
Look Three: There is no time like the Holidays to make a bold and beautiful fashion statement!
Look Four: Sparkle and Shine, while lookin’ so fine! Nobody puts baby in a corner in this number!
Look Five: Who says cold weather has to be a bore?! Nope, just stay warm in this beauty!
Look Six: Brown paper packages tied up with string! You can NEVER go wrong with ruffles!
Look Seven: These ain’t your mama’s hot pants! We like to keep fashion cutting edge and of so flashy!
wrapping paper clothes

Were those not so fun?!?!

Yes, we love our oranges around these parts! Do you?! And because I’m on a roll with my fashion designing skills and unusual textiles, there was ONE MORE thing I needed to add to the Holiday Collection line. What Holiday season is complete with out and eye-catching, jaw dropping, head piece?! Well look no further, your wish is my command!
halos funIMG_1979
No orange bag going to waste with us! We took that pumpkin and turned it into a carriage…and Paisley was in love! It’s all about having fun people!

Halos box
 Fruit is fun! Get your family excited about fresh foods with sweet, healthy reminders all year long and activities they’ll love. Check out the FREE HalosFun kids’ app on Android or iPhone for more ways to get them cheering about pure goodness. You can learn more about Wonderful Halos on Facebook, Twitter or HalosFun

How do your children like to eat their fruit?!


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The Story of Thanksgiving (kind of)

Today is a day of celebration, of over eating, and full of thankfulness.

But do you remember how it all began?!

Let me help refresh your memory with the story of Thanksgiving, told by my kids.


A long time ago, the Pilgrims came to American on the Mayflower.

first thanksgiving 1

They met the Indians.

First Thanksgiving 2

And to celebrate the Indians found dinner.

First Thanksgiving 3

And it was good.


First THanksgiving 5




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Lately I’ve noticed that Paisley, when she dresses herself, has some pretty unique fashion of her own. No she doesn’t just run and grab the first thing she finds…oh how I wish that explained some of her choices, ha! Instead she will take the time to think out and plan her attire. For awhile I would try to guide and “correct” her choices…but then I realized, what does it matter?! She’s three years old, are mismatched shoes REALLY that big of a deal?! In the interest of recording the art of this little fashionista I began photographing her daily choices. (Well that or having as much future blackmail material as possible, ha!)
DSC00087photo 1-13 Then one morning she came to me asking to wear my new beloved headband from BBT Style. At first I thought, “HECK NO!” but I had an idea. Couldn’t we take this headband and turn it into a fun new look? Well my little diva LOVED the opportunity to get dressed up and “model” for me. And she soon became a Grecian goddess.
photo 5-4 We had a blast and this crafty mama had many more ideas so we began creating and took to Instagram to document them all. Thus the hashtag #stylebypaisley was born! Here she is honoring all our veterans on Veteran’s Day:
photo 2-11 Then she transformed into a dinosaur…per her request! She told me once it was all finished, “Wow mommy, this is awesome! I didn’t know you could do it!” Well thanks hun for the vote of confidence!
photo 5-3photo 4-3
Is she not the cutest?!

Stay tuned next week when we get a little Thanksgiving festive! 

(follow along on Instagram so you don’t miss the cuteness!)


Do you have an idea for our #stylebypaisley creations?



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