2014 Golden Globes Fashion Recap

The glitz and glam of award shows are down right mesmerizing! So much so, Paisley is now obsessed with them too! In fact I remember coming home from the hospital right after having her and we sat on the couch and watched the Oscars together. We talked about the dresses, what worked, what didn’t…granted she […]

And then it happened…

  It’s a new year, full of new hopes and dreams, so fresh you can almost taste them. Friends, now is the time to reach out and grasp those suckers. Make them happen now…before the weight of the world tries to drag you down and doubt creeps in. Don’t make haste…believe, believe, believe. Well that […]

Fueling our model #halosfun

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Halos. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own. Being a model is tough work. Especially when your 3 years old and you have the attention span of a goldfish! So while we love to have our mommy-daughter design time, I need to have a few tricks up […]

The Story of Thanksgiving (kind of)

Today is a day of celebration, of over eating, and full of thankfulness. But do you remember how it all began?! Let me help refresh your memory with the story of Thanksgiving, told by my kids.   A long time ago, the Pilgrims came to American on the Mayflower. They met the Indians. And to […]


Lately I’ve noticed that Paisley, when she dresses herself, has some pretty unique fashion of her own. No she doesn’t just run and grab the first thing she finds…oh how I wish that explained some of her choices, ha! Instead she will take the time to think out and plan her attire. For awhile I […]