Helping Baby’s development with Gerber Lil’ Bits

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gerber. Last week I was able to spend some time with family in Dallas. Man do I miss that area since we moved to Louisiana. But the best part of the entire trip was snuggling, holding, and kissing on my precious niece. You know […]

Snack Time for the Littles with Plenti Yogurt

One thing we take seriously in our home is food. And since we are a family of 9, we can sure pack it away, ha! I swear my kids could eat ALL day if I allowed them too, so it’s important for me to get them healthy snacks that will fill their little tummies and […]

Long weekends and Great Food with Hormel Chili

Our Memorial Day weekend seemed to fly by. We ran all around our area but we had a blast. That’s my favorite part about my “little” family. No matter what we are doing and where we are we have a good time. But as any good southerner we had the most fun eating great foods. […]

Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes*

Boy I thought I’d look forward to the day that my children would outgrow the diapers and wipes phase. I could claim back my purse, my car, and counter space, because having to tote around all the extra “stuff” is a quick second to the less than thrilling moment of changing a child’s diaper. Am […]

Baseball Rice Krispie Treat bouquet

We are full swing into baseball season, with three boys on two teams. While I love to see my little men play ball, jumping on the standing cheering for great plays and hard hits, my favorite part of the game is snack time. Oh there is nothing better than munching on some tasty treats and […]

Feeding baby the Honest Way #honestfeeding

This week my precious baby sister gave birth to her own little bundle of joy. I was beyond heartbroken to not make it there in time for the baby’s birth, but hustled that 9 hour drive soon after to hold that sweetie. We arrived to Arkansas at 5:30 in the morning and I had to […]

Homemade Pop Tarts with Chocolate Filling

Post sponsored by Nestle Tollhouse Delightfulls, but all opinions are my own. In our house, pop tarts are like gold. For one the store bought ones are kind of pricey (when you factor in the amount of pop tarts needed to feed our army), and we burn through them quite fast! Well the other day […]

For the Love of Olives #OlivesfromSpain

Who loves themselves some olives?! (hand raised) Some of my favorite dishes boast the yummy goodness that is olives. So when I got the opportunity to feature Olives from Spain and share with you some of my tasty treats, I was super excited! These olives mean business and are some of the best. In fact, […]

The Secret Diet Ingredient

I’ve partnered with intelliBed and super excited to share my own opinion. It seems that no matter where you turn there are magic pills, tasty shakes, and wonder food diets to help you shed those dreaded pounds. They all sound fantastic at first, I must admit, it’s easy to be swept away by the romantic […]