20 Reasons your Elf on the Shelf Didn’t Move

With the feasting on Thanksgiving day over, as parents we roll into full on Christmas season with the best of intentions. That’s when our favorite lithe Elf on the Shelf makes his greatly anticipated appearance. For the first feel things are fantastic, in fact your little man takes marshmallow baths, makes snow flour snow angels, […]

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Kids #outshine

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Outshine Fruit & Veggie Bars. Eating in our household is almost an Olympic sport. I kid you not, these kids can put down some food! The biggest struggle here is trying to keep kids from eating all of the fruits and vegetables. I know […]

Help for the Busy Mom #moretoyou

Let me just be honest here, okay? I mean this is a safe place, right?! When people come up to me as I’m shopping at the store and say things like, “You are so brave” or “I couldn’t shop with my kids” in reference to a tired looking mama with her five kids 7 and […]

When Ants Invade Your Car… #HotShot

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides. Slamming the door behind us, already running late, my daughter opened the car door only to see a set of earphones trailing from the floor board all the way down to the concrete. Marching up the white cord with conviction was […]

20 Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes you just need a few quotes to get you through your crazy day/week! So I’ve compiled a list of my favorites that I’ve found and I hope you love them too!And here you are friends, 20 Inspirational Quotes. Good for the soul and ready to impower you! Jump out there and have a GREAT […]