31 Days of DIYs #write31days

So it’s that time of year again, time for the 31 days challenge with The Nester! A whole month, 31 days focused on ONE topic. Pull up your chair, grab a cup of coffee, and be prepared to check back each day this month to see some pretty cool and easy DIYs. Yep, that’s 31 […]

DIY Painted Confetti Glasses

I’m a nanny and one of my favorite things to do with the kids are cooking and crafts. Kids love to create things and bright colors; which led me to this craft. The DIY Painted Confetti Glasses. Are they not fun?! What You’ll Need: *glass cups *acrylic enamel paint in assorted colors *q-tips Use the […]

DIY Glitter Candles

If I can, I will make anything sparkle! So, when I heard that I could make candles sparkle, I knew I had to do it! And I figured I’d share with you, because we could always use a little more sparkle in our lives! Am I right?! Let’s get to it, the DIY Glitter Candles! […]

DIY Pearl Bracelet

After making my pearl necklace, I knew I needed a matching bracelet! So, I decided to make a bracelet that would incorporate both pearls and ribbon! WHich those two things are always a win in my book. Isn’t it precious? Southern Belles around the world are swooning now. Hope you enjoy my DIY pearl bracelet! […]

15 Tasty Halloween Snacks

As Halloween approaches there are a few things you need to cross off your to do list. First off is costumes, then you might want to think about decorations and crafts, and last but not least, let’s add a little fun to the food we eat this month! These tasty treats are sure to be […]

Painted House Number Sign

Now a days, there’s a trend for making your house numbers stand out! And let’s face it, when you’re driving around trying to find that one house, it helps to be able to see the house numbers. Plus, it adds a little something special to your curb appeal! It’s this Painted House Number Sign precious?! […]

TV Tray Table Makeover Tutorial

My husband and I don’t have room in our apartment for a table, so we eat on the couch with tv trays. We also use the trays for crafts, games, and a writing surface. I love them, they are completely versatile, but those things are ugly!! So, why not give them a makeover!? We made […]

DIY Painted Rug

Rugs are expensive, especially area rugs! I have been searching every store possible looking for one that would fit my living room. Months have passed and nothing!And as true to form for me, if I couldn’t find the perfect area rug, I’d make one! Isn’t this area rug awesome? Well the DIY Painted Rug tutorial […]

DIY Accessories Display

I love hair bows and jewelry! They’re the cutest! Why do we hide them away in boxes and closets? Why can we not display them!? I decided to make an equally as cute stand to show case my jewelry and hair bows! And what could be cuter than this display?! Nothing. ha! Fret not my […]