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5 Simple Steps to a more Productive Day

How many of you feel like you could have a more productive day?!

If you’re like me, you go to bed at night with the resolve of tackling the next morning head on. But something happens from the moment your head hits the pillow and your alarm goes off. Your pjs are so comfy, the coffee isn’t strong enough, and maybe the weather seems a bit drowsy. All of these things lead to binge watching Netflix and afternoon naps. Before you realize it, the day has passed you by and now it’s time to make dinner. (And if you’re being honest, you’d rather order pizza.)

Now hear me out, days like this AREN’T bad. Shoot, I have my fair share of them. If you are a mom to babies or toddlers, please GIVE YOURSELF GRACE!! It’s little kids will suck the life right out of you. Yes, it’s okay to love them and still say that. Feel accomplished that the house hasn’t burned down and your children are alive and fed. THAT is success, my friend.

But maybe you’re ready for something more. That’s okay too. I hope you’ve taken a second to watch the video linked above with a few ideas on how to have a more productive day. However, I didn’t want the help to stop there. If you’re like me, my intentions are great, but sometimes the follow through is lacking. So having something to tangibly hold and write on, helps me greatly. If you’re waving your hand in the air screaming, “That’s me too!”, perfect I have exactly what you need.

Here’s where my printable will help you. It’s so simple,  nothing flashy, but helps you stay focused on what really matters. Print this out, fill it in with what you hope to accomplish, and get to work! See how it can help you have a more productive day!

And if you’re feeling EXTRA motivated, tag me in a picture with your printable on Instagram!

FREE DOWNLOAD! (just click and save the image)

Now, seize the day!

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