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Hashtag Because I’m a Parent

We never seem to get any good pictures of our kids dressed up and mainly that’s because I’m running around with my head cut off trying to keep up with them. Not to mention help out with our church’s Light the Bluff (community Halloween alternative). So this year I had a game plan. I’d get the kids dressed up early and we’d go out somewhere to have a fun photo session. This is the best we got, ha!

Our Boys were ninjas:


They each chose their own costume and I was surprised they ALL wanted to be the same thing…just slightly different versions.

Ethan was a “Fire Dragon” ninja. (Apparently they are very different ninjas and I have to get the complete names correct.)

James was a “Howling Wolf” ninja.

And Finally Titus. He was a “Dragon Slayer” ninja.

Now for our pretty ladies. Sorry, but I have to brag, I have been blessed with THE most BEAUTIFUL daughters.
girl fun costumes

Poppy danced the night away as a ballerina.

Paisley begged to be Cinderella, so after 10 minutes of negotiating she won. Really her points were quit valid. A few years ago she was Cinderella and now she can’t fit that costume to play dress up in. So she wanted to be Cinderella again so she could play dress up in one that fits. Smart girl.

Penelope was super incredible as Violet. Don’t mess with her.

And Pippa marched around saying, “Who painted my roses RED?!?!” as the Queen of hearts.

Little sister kisses. Melts my heart. Poppy is such a good big sister to Pippa!

Lastly, I tried to get a group photo by the water and they just weren’t having it. I mean, I DID have them facing the sun. Either way, here’s my crazy crew. I’m one lucky lady!

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