Encouraging Little Readers with Capstone

Today we head out of the Bayou and off on a fun adventure. While the trip will be a blast I’m a little exhausted over packing and getting 9 people ready for a week away. Y’all that is no small task, can I get an amen?! Even after I’ve made sure every child has clothes, pjs, and underwear, I still have to take into consideration our 7 hour drive TO our location. Keeping children entertained and seated for that long is quite the challenge. So we travel packs full of snacks, a blanket, few toys, and even some books to read.
Right now our house is bustling with little ones who are fresh and new readers. It’s crazy to think that I have 4 almost FIVE children reading now. But with that new found excitement comes the challenge of providing more material for them to dive into reading. I mean you can only read the starter books we have at home so many times before you’re begging for something else, ha! Does anyone else have this problem?!
I was recently introduced to Capstone Young Readers and their amazing collection of books; I mean they have a giant catalog full of fantastic options. Boy were my kids excited, but what impressed me the most was their CapReader iPad app. It’s a library full of e-books you purchased, all one click away. Seriously, I kid you not what I tell you this app gets me giddy. My little ones can read the books themselves or the books can be read to them, full illustrations too! Just like flipping through the actual paper copy. This also makes our traveling and entertainment so much easier. Instead of shoving the bags with books they can use their iPad to read and pass the time while using their imagination on our trip. Best part is they can’t buy books on the app, so no unapproved purchases.

All I had to do was download the app on my iPad and go to the website to create an account. Then I could purchase any and all e-books which automatically appear in my app library! P.S. I’d head over and download the app right now you get a free copy of “Really, Red Riding Hood was Rotten”. BUT it gets even better, right now Capstone Young Readers has offered to do a giveaway where 25 readers can win 5 e-books from their Back to School promotion. Entering is quite simple and can be done below. Don’t miss out because the giveaway ends Monday September 25th, midnight CST!

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Do your kids love to read? Which books are their favorite?

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