All You Need to Know About Great Sleep!

There aren’t many things that I consider myself a professional on, but sleeping is one of them. For real, I’ve seen a 30 day napping challenge circulate around on Facebook and I seriously think it’s a challenge that I can get behind!
But falling asleep isn’t the only thing you need to be concerned with, how about the QUALITY of sleep? Did you know your mattress has a lot to do with that? Boy have I learned a great deal about sleep over these last few months. It’s something I’ve become passionate about and wanted to share with you! In a few other posts I talked about how important your mattress REALLY is as well as what a lack of GOOD sleep can do to you. These were such a shocker to me, but now I look forward to laying my sweet little head on my mattress, because since switching to intelliBED I have never slept better.
Last month I was able to chat with sleep expert Shawn Clark of intelliBED. We discussed EVERYTHING sleep related. He just such a great insight and helped answer many of my questions. In fact we recorded a webinar so you can hear all the great details Shawn shared with me:


Are you sold yet?! It’s not about a mattress friends, it’s about making sure you get the best healing sleep you can!

Here’s the deal!

For the next month, you can use the coupon code: BrittanyEstes and receive 10% off of an intelliBED mattress. AND if you order a queen or king size mattress, you will also receive a luxurious set of Bamboo sheets and 2 intelliBED pillows (can I please have a set?!?!) all valued at $500! This offer expires on October 14, 2015, so hurry over to intelliBED and try out their 60 day, risk-free mattress trial. You won’t regret it.

Could you use a new mattress?


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of intelliBED but my love and thoughts on the product is all my own!

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