The Wonderful World of Periscope

Have you ever tried something and then all of the sudden everything just clicked? Well I must tell you, this is the wonderful world of Periscope for me. (you can find me on there at: @naturallyestes) When my sweet friend Alice talked me into doing my first scope, I was nervous to say the least. Who will watch me? What will I say? Do I have food in my teeth? Forsaking all my nerves I jumped right in began with a tour of my hotel room in NYC. Now it was nothing spectacular, but friends, I was hooked. What else could I scope? Who would be watching this time? Please don’t let another creeper ask to see my boobs.

You see this community is one like none other. You are able to stream a video in real time and in that moment reach out to your audience and chat with them. They can comment, ask questions, and you can answer them right then and there. It’s pretty amazing.
Who knew that I’d be okay with seeing myself on camera and people would actually like hearing what I had to say?! Or maybe they’re just laughing at how crazy I am, who knows?! And I love getting to see little snip its into other people’s lives and families. This new world of Periscope has so many possibilities and I’m excited to roll with them. There’s a few series I’ve started, like my Monday night chats (9pm CST) with my hubby called “Scopes with Britt and Sam”. We mostly discuss life changing important things such as our first kiss, and the moment I knew he was a keeper. Spoiler alert: Neither of those stories sounds as pretty as you’d imagine, ha! The other series are quite as awesome too! But the ideas are endless! So that brings me to Periscope Summit.
I’m proud to say Sam and I will be heading out to NYC with hundreds of other Scopers ready to learn more about this platform we so love. The very FIRST Periscope Summit kicks off September 22-24th and should be like none other. Have you thought about attending? If not, you totally should! (Full disclosure, I am not paid to say this, just a huge fan!)

Are you on Periscope, if so comment with your username so I can find you!

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