The Search for a Deeper Sleep

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deeper sleep with Deep Healing Sleep and Intellibed
Alternate title: Why I switched beds.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you understand the depth of my love for sleep. Yes I am an energetic fun-loving gal, but I MUST have a good solid nights sleep. Shoot most days I need a nap to top it all off. But I’ve noticed over these last few years my capacity for deep, body rejuvenating sleep has been fading. Of course we can credit this to the dozens (ha!) of children I seem to always have running around, but I knew it was something deeper than that. So I got work and did some research, if fact over the next few weeks I want to share with you what I’ve found and why I am in LOVE with my new mattress.

Deeper Sleep means Healing Sleep

Did you know that our brain heals the body each night as we sleep? It does! And the most critical healing occurs in the deep sleeping stages (III and IV). Now here’s the good part…The mattress you sleep on plays a pivotal role in this. Holy cow y’all! I honestly assumed that pretty much all mattress were created equal. Yes, some were a Cadillac while others were merely a Chevy. But friends, you’ve got to know when you’re “driving” a lemon and it’s time to upgrade, ha! This is why: each time you toss and turn at night you subconsciously exit the deep, healing sleep stages, which drastically cut down the time your body has to heal. It won’t matter HOW long you sleep if you toss and turn the night away, shoot that may cause more damage than help!

Deep Healing Sleep mattress

I knew that I needed a mattress that could carry my dozing body off into dreamland and allow it to stay there for many…many hours. Buying a new mattress is a BIG deal, like “wow, I’m actually a grown up”  big deal moment and not one to be taken lightly. But I was ready for a change and now I’m {DEEP} sleeping like a baby in my new mattress.

What makes a intelliBED Mattress different?

• First of all, they are made with patented Intelli-GEL which reduces tossing and turning by relieving up to 80% more pressure than any other retail mattress. In fact they have used medical-grade pressure mapping on thousands of people to test their mattress technology against the competition.

• The mattresses contain the only true gel technology replacement for foam to cushion the body.

• Intelli-GEL cushions better than any other mattress material on the market today and provides superior alignment and support for the body. (confirmed by independent research)

• Unlike foam beds that degrade up to 25% in the first two years, the Deep Healing Sleep mattresses with Intelli-GEL will provide consistent support over time and are guaranteed for 20 years.

• Using all non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials and handmade in the United States.

• Sleeps cool – this one shocked me at first. Never have I seen a mattress that seems cool while laying on it, making you feel light and airy!


If you don’t want to spend another night tossing and turning then head over to the intelliBED website now! You’ve got to give these mattresses a try! But what could be better than their 60-day money back trial period (on a company who has a less than 1% return rate)? How about receiving 10% off your order when you click through my link?! Now THAT’S a deal my friend! What are you waiting for?
Deep Healing Sleep Mattress and Intellibed

What’s your number One sleep complaint?


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