The Perfect Pillow Fort Snack! #popsecretforts

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One of my favorite things growing up was creating forts to play in, hide from my parents, and imagine they were my future digs- full of children, pets, and the most handsome husband ever. Now while a lot has changed, including the fact that my house is no longer made from bedding, I love that my kids too light up at the sight of a freshly built fort. And who knew that when I married Sam I would score BIG in the fort building category, but what can I say…he’s the best!
DSC_0029 In fact the other day my main man created the greatest pillow fort yet, it was epic. But when you have a gigantic pillow fort you also need some tasty snacks to go along with it. Or at least that’s what my children seem to think, ha! Pop Secret popcorn is our go to treat, in fact I can barely get the bag popped before they try to eat it’s entirety.
DSC_0024DSC_0022 Did you know that you can click on over here and download a $1 off coupon to snag your own box of Pop Secret?! Just in case you wanted some fun new ways to eat your popcorn, I recently asked some friends on Facebook how they enjoyed their popcorn and I was surprised at what they said. (If you ask me, the perfect Pop Secret Popcorn snack is mixed with a handful of peanut M&Ms. Yum!)

“sprinkled with Tabasco” – Millicent G.

“dipped in ketchup or BBQ sauce” – Jolynne D.

“with M&Ms” – Margo W.

“extra butter and a few dashes of Tony’s Creole Seasoning” – Amanda M.

“drizzle of caramel or white chocolate” – Wendy H.

“with ranch seasoning” – Nicole E.


So tell me, how do YOU prefer your popcorn?!

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