DIY Dyed Onesies

I don’t know if it’s just my friends or not, but it seems like every time I look on Facebook one person or another is announcing the soon arrival of their little baby! And do you know what that means?? BABY SHOWERS! But don’t fret, I have the solution for all you tight budgeted, crafty friends! DIY Dyed Onesies are perfect and who doesn’t love a precious little onesie!?
DIY dyed onesies
What You’ll Need:
*plain white onesies
*Rit dye
*Stick for stirring
Place hot water into your bowl. Enough to where you can fully submerge the onesie. Pour Rit dye into the bowl making it a shade or 2 darker than designed end color!
Stir color until well blended and submerge wet onesie into dye. Continue to stir every 15 to 30 minutes. (I left mine in for about an hour to produce a pastel baby color, but if you desire a brighter color, I recommend keeping the onesie in for around 5 hours!)
Once the soak time is complete, rinse with cool water and hand wash with soap and cool water. Then hang out to dry!
OOPS! Look at that crazy design appearing?! Bleach pens for the win! Guess this turned out to be one of those secret baby announcements after all!
Although my husband (Jason, pictured below) and I are very excited for the arrival of Baby Park, this news came as quite a shock to us. With my kidney issues throughout my senior year of high school and my diagnosis of PCOS about a year ago, doctors believed I would not be able to have biological children, and that I probably shouldn’t due to the toll it would take on my body. BUT God obviously had a completely different plan! Due to these factors, there is a chance that this could become a high risk pregnancy, so we are asking friends and family if they would join us in prayer for the safety and health of both momma and baby.
We couldn’t be more excited!!!!
*While I love a good DIY post, sometimes my talented sister Stephanie likes to jump on the blog and show her skills! This is one of those posts.*

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