Painted Lampshade Tutorial with LED Power #ledsavings


I LOVE moving into a new house. Well not the actual moving or unpacking part, but the brand new space, full of potential and possibilities. One where you can really let your ideas run wild and claim the space as your own. That’s what we’re doing here for our new house in Louisiana. And I must say, it’s fun and overwhelming all at the same time, but we’re getting there! We recently got new living room furniture because let’s be honest…we REALLY needed it. Like all kinds of bad. Side note: Microsuede is NOT your friend; run from it and run fast. Anyway, we bought this amazing chase lounge to place in the corner of our room, but it needed something else to really complete the look. That’s when I remembered we had this cute tall lamp that just might do the trick. But when we stuck it in the corner, the cream lampshade just looked blah. And that my friends, was just not going to work for me, ha! In an effort to spruce up that little corner, I’ve created this super easy and quick tutorial. And even better, we’ll be using LED power!

painted lampshade tutorial.jpg Thus my deep affinity for gold creeped up again and  pulled from one of my old tutorial ideas to made this GORGEOUS painted lampshade. So if you’re like, “Hey Brittany that is SO cute, I want to make my own!” (and really, who wouldn’t be?!) well today is your lucky day friends, because this tutorial will hook you up!painted lampshade 1.jpg
Here’s what you’ll need:

*spray paint
*painter’s tape
*GE energy smart light bulbs

***We’ll talk in a minute about why the GE Energy Smart light bulbs are all that and a bag of chips!***

painted lampshade 2.jpg Use your painter’s tape and create the desired pattern on your lampshade. Remember that when you’re finished, whichever part of the shade is blue, it will show the original shade color! painted lampshade 3.jpg Now we are ready to paint!!! painted lampshade 4.jpg Spray evenly around the lampshade until you get the desired color! My how I just love this gold! Amen! painted lampshade 5.jpg Boy wasn’t that fast?! Now leave the tape on the lampshade and let that baby dry! painted lampshade 6.jpg After about an hour or so you can come back to remove the tape. It’s really important to do this step evenly and slow. As you pull away the tape you can see your perfect pattern come to life. painted lampshade 7.jpg Isn’t she lovely?! Now it’s time to put this bad boy to use! painted lampshade 8.jpg When I was at Target the other day, I saw these light bulbs and had to grab a couple! photo-4.jpg The GE LEDs are the new way to light. And 1 LED Bulb lasts as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs. Boy do I love saving money, and that is some super bright LEDs! But even better than that, you can  to add a little extra savings to these already fantastic bulbs by grabbing this $2 off LED coupon on! Don’t believe me, well then you can calculate your annual energy savings here!painted lampshade 12.jpg I love the soft white light of these GE LED bulbs and the way the light shines through the stripes of the lampshade. So cool! painted lampshade 9.jpg My corner is now complete. The only thing it’s missing now is someone relaxing in it….see ya!

Have you seen these GE Energy Smart LED light bulbs?!

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    I am also a big fan of gold spray paint and would love to paint a lamp shade for my home too! I like the idea of using tape because your design options are endless. The soft glow from the GE Energy Smart bulb looks so inviting! #client

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