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DIY Marque Letters

Lights! Camera! Action! I love a good show, and everything looks more appealing under the theatrical lights, right?! They inspire us. They encourage us to create, and that’s what I needed to adorn my newly built craft table!
DIY Marque Letters.jpg
Who wouldn’t want to create something wonderful under these babies?! Now let’s get to crackin’ on the DIY Marque Letters so they too can shine in your home!
What You’ll Need:
*old christmas lights
*spray paint
*cardboard letters
*exacto knife
*duct tape
Carefully cut along the top of the letters to remove the front outline.
Spray paint the letters being sure to cover front, back, and all sides.
After the letters have completely dried, use the exacto knife to create little slits in the back of the letters, and push one light through at a time through the slit, spacing them apart according to your strand of lights.
Plug them up and be inspired!!
After you have the letters exactly like you want them, you need to tape the extra lighting strand to the back of each letter. This step isn’t pictured, but helps keep your look crisp and clean!

*While I love to do crafts & tutorials, my sister has some great ideas too. This is one of them!*


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2 thoughts on “DIY Marque Letters

  1. I love this project so much… Have been wanting to make this for awhile… This motivates me to get goin on it!

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