And then it happened…


largeIt’s a new year, full of new hopes and dreams, so fresh you can almost taste them. Friends, now is the time to reach out and grasp those suckers. Make them happen now…before the weight of the world tries to drag you down and doubt creeps in. Don’t make haste…believe, believe, believe. Well that is what I keep telling myself. Though I am never short of ideas, I often lose momentum and they rarely come to fruition. Sad, but true. This year, I am refusing to believe that about myself and plan to push my potential to it’s brink of shattering into a million pieces. Because it’s right near the end, when you’re tired, shaking, cursing the day you were born, and ready to give it all up, that the change happens. (yes, I DID just pull a Pure Barre reference, ha! Who knew a work out could be so life altering?!) This year I want to live in the shaky, edge of the cliff potential, life changing dream moments. Nothing will be left in the dust. No back burner living. I refuse to let my fear or self doubt wrap itself around me and like a boa constructor squeezing the life out of what could be.

Peace out 2013 and hello a crisp 2014 dollar bill. I am breathing you in like never before. Carrying this new mantra requires me to say yes to many things I’d just only entertain the thought of for a few seconds.

As many of you know, a couple of months ago I started making these cute outfits/costumes out of random items so Paisley could play dress up. And like any good social media addict, I had to post these creations on Instagram for all to see. They quickly evolved into a whole different animal that I hadn’t planned. I found a new love and it required quite a bit of wrapping paper and tape, ha! As I created a Holiday Collection of dresses just for fun, many of you guys grew attached to these beauties just as I had. Didn’t hurt that the sweetie modeling my wares was down right precious and could work an outfit like nobody’s business! That’s when a friend suggested me make a book of these looks. I kind of smirked as I replied to her saying I had already planned to do so and save them for Paisley one day. Little did I know, that she didn’t mean THAT kind of book. Of course it was a sweet idea, but she had something else in mind. Yep, you guessed it. A fun coffee table book for any and all to buy. I was very doubtful about this idea, I mean would people really buy this? (Hello, that was SO 2013 talking!) Then after pitching the idea to a few friends and family they all said I should.

And then it happened….

I reluctantly said yes. Yes to my potential. Yes to my success. And what scares me most, possible yes to a big flop of a failure. But we won’t wade around in that muck for too long or I may never come out, ha! Frankly, I’m kind of excited. It’s so much fun to think and draw up these designs. Plus, I have developed a slight addiction to wrapping paper…this could be dangerous! But these will be some fun, exciting, and hopefully inspiring pages! Pretty sure I’m up to around 70 pages already. YIKES! 

So there it is. I’m spilling my guts for all to see. I hope you’ll love it. Of course I hope you’ll buy it.


But here’s to a shaky, life changing year!

Bring it on 2014!


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  1. Ashley @ Power, Love, and Self-Discipline says

    Awesome!!! Way to step out of the boat and follow Him!! Blessings in this new endeavor!

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