2014 Golden Globes Fashion Recap

The glitz and glam of award shows are down right mesmerizing! So much so, Paisley is now obsessed with them too! In fact I remember coming home from the hospital right after having her and we sat on the couch and watched the Oscars together. We talked about the dresses, what worked, what didn’t…granted she didn’t seem to have much of an opinion back then. It was all so wonderful, she was my first daughter and after two boys I wanted to do this girly thing right! Now it’s become our yearly ritual and she has developed quite an opinion of her own. Most of the time her favorite is which dress sparkles the most, which one is made in her current favorite color, or the one that comes across the screen right before her attention span has hit it’s limit, ha! No matter how long she lasts I love, love, love this little tradition we have going.

This year I decided to kick it up a notch. As you know, we’ve been having fun making wrapping paper dresses, so why not mimic some of the amazing ones seen on the red carpet?! Paisley of course LOVED this idea, because homegirl has an affection for being in front of the camera. (Like her mama, maybe?! ha!) Plus she always insisted to wear lipstick…because “the girls in the picture have some on.”. Touche, Touche, my dear. After the Golden Globes I took to the internet and picked a few fun looks, then Paisley chose which she loved from there! It was a blast! And here is our 2014 Golden Globes Fashion Recap…from a mother and her 3 year old!
2014 golden globes fashion recap

When I began looking through dresses I noticed this beautiful dress! Do you think the designer follows me on Instagram and was inspired by New Years Eve look?! A girl can dream, ha!
2014 golden globes looks (photo credit)

For our first look we chose this classy number:
2014 golden globes looks 1 (photo credit)
Now while I feel you can never go wrong with black and I LOVE lace, I felt like this look was too safe.

Look two had me a little blue:
2014 golden globes looks 2 (photo credit)
I must say, even though I am a HUGE fan of 60’s fashion (like obsessively love it, ha!), this dress was a little underwhelming. Maybe if there was a statement necklace or if the dress was a different color? But the design was awesome!

Look three is ode to one of my favorite Hollywood ladies right now:
2014 golden globes looks 3 (photo credit)
Simple and stunning…minus the fact that it looks like her boobs are suffocating! (Can’t you just hear Joan Rivers saying that?)

Let’s brighten things up with look four:
2014 golden globes looks 4 (photo credit)
This dress is so fun and cheery! The color, design, and how it hugged the body was perfect!

Lastly, this last look was a new one for me:
2014 golden globes looks 5 (photo credit)
Possibly my favorite look of the night. Maybe because it was so unexpected, but completely worth it! Well played Emma Watson, well played!


Well that’s our thoughts on the Golden Globes!

If you want to see what we’re working on now or how the other awards show fashion recaps look like, check us out on Instagram!


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  1. Jessica Kiehn says

    OH MY GOSH BRITTANY this is ADORABLE! Paisley is seriously one of the prettiest little 4 year olds I’ve ever seen. She’s gorgeous! You’ve been blessed with some beautiful children, ya know. ANYWAYS you amaze me, that you can make these dresses and so many of them, with all the other things you have on your plate! LOVE this post!

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