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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Halos. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

Being a model is tough work. Especially when your 3 years old and you have the attention span of a goldfish! So while we love to have our mommy-daughter design time, I need to have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep her focused and easy going. That my friends is snack…yes, you feed her and she will cooperate, ha! But I’m not really a fan of always shoving cookies and chips down her throat; I mean she SHOULD have some fruits and vegetables, right!? And in our family we LOVE some juicy oranges. Halos oranges to be exact! This stroke of parenting genius not only extends my time to be able to create a wrapping paper masterpiece, but I am also giving my girls some healthy, tasty snacks. Win-win ladies and gentlemen.
DSC00221DSC00228DSC00239And because of healthy snacking and distracting an active toddler, we were able to come up with some pretty incredible looks. All out of wrapping paper. Take a look at our Holiday Collection!
Look One: A fun and playful 1980’s Throwback! This says; “Let’s Party!”
Look Two: For the sophisticated women ready to wow the crowd at a Business Christmas Party
Look Three: There is no time like the Holidays to make a bold and beautiful fashion statement!
Look Four: Sparkle and Shine, while lookin’ so fine! Nobody puts baby in a corner in this number!
Look Five: Who says cold weather has to be a bore?! Nope, just stay warm in this beauty!
Look Six: Brown paper packages tied up with string! You can NEVER go wrong with ruffles!
Look Seven: These ain’t your mama’s hot pants! We like to keep fashion cutting edge and of so flashy!
wrapping paper clothes

Were those not so fun?!?!

Yes, we love our oranges around these parts! Do you?! And because I’m on a roll with my fashion designing skills and unusual textiles, there was ONE MORE thing I needed to add to the Holiday Collection line. What Holiday season is complete with out and eye-catching, jaw dropping, head piece?! Well look no further, your wish is my command!
halos funIMG_1979
No orange bag going to waste with us! We took that pumpkin and turned it into a carriage…and Paisley was in love! It’s all about having fun people!

Halos box
 Fruit is fun! Get your family excited about fresh foods with sweet, healthy reminders all year long and activities they’ll love. Check out the FREE HalosFun kids’ app on Android or iPhone for more ways to get them cheering about pure goodness. You can learn more about Wonderful Halos on Facebook, Twitter or HalosFun

How do your children like to eat their fruit?!


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