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DIY Painted Vase

31 days

I love getting flowers, the colors, the warmth it brings to a house, and the smell! It’s greatness, really. BUT, there’s one thing that really bugs me, the cheap clear vase with the tangled up stems and foggy water. It kinda ruins the whole effect, SO, I figured it was about time to change that!
DIY Painted Vase
And here’s a way of getting an expensive looking vase without all the unsightly distractions! Our DIY painted vase!
What You’ll Need:
*cheap vase
*painter’s tape
*gold spray paint (or any color desired)
If you’re like me, and not having straight lines would drive you crazy, you can measure out the desired spacing, then place the tape along the measured lines.
Place vase open side down onto desired surface and spray paint the entire vase.
Once the vase is completely dry, pull tape away from vase slowly to not remove surrounding paint. (If you’re like me and didn’t wait, no fear, you can touch up the edges with a q-tip, and it still turns out perfectly!)
I could not be happier every time I look at my gorgeous flowers! Now nothing steals away from their beauty, just adds to it!
*While I love to do crafts & tutorials, my sister has some great ideas too. This is one of them!*

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6 thoughts on “DIY Painted Vase

  1. Great way to take a vase from drab to chic in no time! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How cute!! I have some of this spray paint in my garage right now! I’m going to do this tomorrow!

  3. […] to work for me, ha! Thus my deep affinity for gold creeped up again and  pulled from one of my old tutorial ideas to made this GORGEOUS painted lampshade. So if you’re like, “Hey Brittany that is SO […]

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