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DIY Cake Stand

31 days
I love having parties, whether there’s a reason or not. I love getting the table ready, making it look cute with decorations and great tasting food. It makes me giddy to think about a well put together table, because when it looks cute, the food just seems to taste better! HA! Problem is cake stands are expensive, large when it comes to storing, and have absolutely no versatility! So, I decided to make my own!
DIY Cake Stand
How you may ask can you get one of these DIY Cake Stand beauties?! Let me tell you!
Heres What You’ll Need:
*3 different size plates
*2 Different height candle sticks
*sticky tack
 Take a small amount of sticky tack and place 2 pieces on the edges of both ends of the candle stick.
 Press plates firmly against candle sticks.
Continue process until all 3 tiers are in place.
In some cases 3 stacked tiers are perfect, but sometimes you just need a little bit of height differentiating. So, the best part making this stand is the fact you can separate them and do 3 different heights!
Doesn’t the food just look better this way!?

*While I love to do crafts & tutorials, my sister has some great ideas too. This is one of them!*

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2 thoughts on “DIY Cake Stand

  1. Love this idea! I am making it this weekend. 🙂

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