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DIY Crayon Candle

**Or the post in which you realize all my ventures are not successes!**

DIY crayon candle

I thought this fun little craft would be a prefect idea for the kids to help with and possibly even end up as a teacher’s gift.

Mason jars are SO in right now! While it was really easy to make, I will offer a revision or two at the end…so yours doesn’t turn out like mine, ha!

DIY crayon candle 2

Here’s what you’ll need:

*2 boxes of crayons (I didn’t use the browns, grays, or blacks)

*mason jar (I pictured two thinking I had enough crayons for both but didn’t)

*Waxed wick (found that at Hobby Lobby)

**Preheat oven to 200 degrees.**

DIY crayon candle 3

Peel your crayons. This is where you’ll want the kids help, because it can take FOREVER!

Also, I separated mine out into colors because I wanted a layered affect for my candle.

DIY crayon candle 4

Place the wick in the jar and you can glue or tape down the bottom. I didn’t.

Then layer your crayons to your liking.

Here’s area one where I went wrong. Make sure and pack the crayons in so you leave as little open space as possible.

This really isn’t that important if you don’t plan to melt the crayons.

DIY crayon candle 5

Bake in oven for 20-30 minutes or until the crayons are pretty melted. Then let cool.

If it’s summer time, just stick your mason jar outside. The kids will LOVE watching the crayons melt.

You can choose to not melt your crayons, in which case skip the baking step.

DIY crayon candle 6

Here’s why you need to pack the crayons! If not all the layers will melt together and look nasty!

 You can also only melt/cool one color or layer at a time if you want to make sure there is no blending.

Because my jar was SO big I probably needed 3 boxes of crayons.

If I were to do this craft again, I think I might just not melt the crayons. I think the raw look is quite cool!

What do you think???

Happy Crafting!

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16 thoughts on “DIY Crayon Candle

  1. Baha. It looked so promising and I really like the raw look also. I wonder if it would burn ok if you didn’t place it in the oven. I’m def. going to try this though.

  2. Blah ha ha ha… Best teacher gift ever…. So did I try it again. Lets see a finished product.

  3. I am curious if you just poured melted paraffin onto the crayons if you could keep the raw look but have a solid candle.

    1. GREAT IDEA!

  4. Hey, do you need two boxes of the 64 count crayons or did you just use one of those and would need to of the 24 count?

    1. I used most of the crayons, but if your jar isn’t as huge as mine was then you could do a smaller amount! 😉

  5. Thanks for the cute idea!

  6. If you use a razor to cut the crayon labels length wise, that part will be much faster.

    1. GREAT idea!

  7. Could you add a scent to this? I’m not much of a crafter… but this is super cute for our favorite teacher 🙂

    1. A scent would be cool!!!

  8. If you soak your crayons in a tub of water over night, you will wake go a tub of naked crayons;)

    1. AWESOME!

  9. Hi. I have tried this and it worked well for me. Except I followed this site here, with a few minor tweaks:
    I used a double pot to melt the wax, instead of the microwave. I found out it made the cups burn. And if you want to use a scent, this is the time you’d add it to the melted wax. Then I took Dixie cups, add a few pieces of crayon to it, poured in some melted wax, and stirred it together with a pop stick. The crayon doesn’t melt completely, but that’s okay cause you can reuse it, with the next wax pour. I then poured the colored mixture into my candle vase. I also used a egg carton to get the wax to set at a angle. I made 2-4 of them at a time, because I couldn’t do anything until the colored wax cooled down, to pour more it, to avoid mixing colors.

  10. i wonder if you did a little bit at a time if you could melt them with a hairdryer like the Christmas ornaments.

  11. If you leave the crayons raw will they just burn like a candle or should you pour in clear wax?3

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