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Painted Cast Art

Alternate Title: the day I became the coolest mom in the world!
Yesterday I shared with you all about the craziness going on in our home lately. That included the sad day Titus broke his arm. The poor kid was so scared to have the orthopedist even touch his arm, let alone put a cast on it! But it had to be done…so I came up with a plan. I knew just what this Captain America obsessed boy would love!
So we turned his cast into Captain America’s shield! Yep, I totally won his heart that day, ha! So in case, God forbid, you or a loved one needs a cast, here’s an easy way to make it FABULOUS! This helps turn such a sad event/time period into a bearable adventure!
You’ll need:
*a cast (that’s a downer)
*desired printed image
*paint pens (in desired colors)
Hold down your image and trace it onto the cast.
In this case I traced the outside circle, cut a layer off, and traced again. All the way to the star!
Easy peasy!
Let your son have a little fun while you get the paint pens ready!
Then fill in your outline with the paint pens!
Thankfully paint pens dry fast and Titus was SO into the design that he sat still until I was finished!
Once the cast is ready it was time for a Super Hero photo shoot!
Although I would love to go back in time and have Titus not break his arm, this is a pretty cool way to live out his cast sentence!
What would you paint if you had a cast to decorate?!

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3 thoughts on “Painted Cast Art

  1. I’m following you on IG too (I’m EMBRACEITMYWAY) and when I saw your picture of the painted cast, I thought, ‘This Mama is BRILLIANT’ 🙂

    If I had to paint a cast for a girl, I would probably use some sparkles!

  2. Great idea, thanks! Guess what’s on my cast now:

  3. […] REALLY crazy around these parts. Remember that one time Penelope styled her hair with toilet water, Titus broke his arm, or when the chair jumped out and bit Ethan’s mouth?! Yeah, something is ALWAYS a rye at our […]

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