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25 DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations


I LOVE Valentine’s Day. It’s not really about the gifts and dates to me (ignore that statement if you’re my husband) but I really just love all the fun ways to decorate for the day of….LOVE! So here I have compiled a list of 25 fun, easy DIY decoration ideas!
This wall hanging would be SO fun to make with the kids’ names on it or even with cute little convo hearts saying on it like, “Be Mine”!
Um yes, can you image showing up for your date with your honey in these heels, YEHAW! What a sexy little pop of red to your outfit.
SweetHearts Topiaries
These topiaries are precious! Just grab a styrofoam ball and hot glue sweethearts on them. Have a small tin bucket with a styrofoam square glued to the bottom. Then push a small stick in the bottom of the circle, wrap with ribbon and then push the other end of the stick in the styrofoam for the bucket. toss in a few sweethearts to cover and you’re done!
I LOVE how this banner isn’t just with traditional Valentine’s Day colors! Plus my kids can help make one…and they would LOVE that!
This would be PERFECT for the random jars, books, or hymnals you may have lying around!
THis sign is a MUST to make! I love black and red!!! May just need to have it displayed all year long!
Sequin or Glitter Covered letters
Grab cardboard letters at your local craft store (you can spell out LOVE or just do the XOXO). Then thinly coat them with mod podge or glue and sprinkle on glitter or cover in sequins! GORGE!
This wreath is SO fun to me because it’s not the “expected”. I love having/making things that nobody else has. Such a fun way to spice up your door!
But of course the traditional heart wreath is SO fun too! How easy would this felt wreath be to make?!?! SO CUTE!
Love these bottles as a little somethin’, somethin’ to spice up the mantle, tables, or counters! You can easily upcycle old bottles for it too!
Paper Heart Garland
This two minute craft can change a room in an instant! Simple cut out heart shapes on construction paper, old book pages, hymnals, etc. and glue or tape them to string! Then hang!
Burlap Heart Stitched Pillow
So Shabby Chic and fabulous! Sew a pillow cover out of two pieces of burlap, and thread through your  choice of ribbon to make a heart! LOVE this little statement piece!
Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar
What a fun idea this is! Grab a colored magnetic board (like at Joanns) and glue on letters from the scrapbook department. (Or you could always use vinyl letters!) Then glue numbers on little magnets to create your own countdown!
Framed Heart Art
Glue 3D hearts or any other iconic V-Day items to a scrapbook paper and place in a frame for a quick touch of Valentine’s Day! (remember to remove the glass from the frame!)
Hanging Hearts
Cut strips of paper from books, hymns, or colored paper and staple at one end. Then flip the strips inside out and staple again. Now you have CUTE hearts to hang!
This sign is one you can bring out for Valentine’s Day but leave out all year long! PLUS there are different color options for the printable in the tutorial!
Festive Candles
Wouldn’t these candles be perfect addition to your dinner table?! All you have to do is add sprinkles to your votive cups and place the candle inside!
Rose Petal Love Notes
Yes, who wouldn’t want to come home to a message written out in rose petals?!? Best V-Day decoration idea EVER!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this garland! Take a deck of cards and use only the hearts. Hole punch two holes at the top and string them all together with festive ribbon. Then you can add on extra fun, festive ribbon to spruce the garland up a little! SO UNIQUE!
This rose ball is SO classy and feminine! I love that it’s easy to make and looks very expensive!
Valentine’s Day Nails
Anyone want to paint my nails like this for the holiday?! Great way to deck YOU out for V-Day!
Both the framed hearts and the painted sign are fabulous! You can paint (stencil) the would sign or even use vinyl letters! Then for the frame cut out heart shapes on fun scrapbook paper and glue/tape to a string. Then frame them against a burlap covered background!
Perfect for just wanting to add a hint of LOVE to your house for the holiday. Just download and print the sign, then frame!
Scripture Burlap Banner
Though this is a bulletin board, you could totally stencil this verse out with red and black paint on burlap fabric and hang! I LOVE how this keeps your mind and heart focused on TRUE LOVE!
There you have it! 25 fun DIY decoration ideas!
Which one would you do or have you done?!

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23 thoughts on “25 DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

  1. Lots of GREAT ideas!! Pinned for future reference. Can’t decide which one or two I might try first 🙂

  2. Way cute! I’m digging the Queen of Hearts garland–never seen anything like it!

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  7. Loving all of these pins!! 🙂 Some really great V-day ideas!!

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  15. I had to search a bit but finally found the V-Day Artwork credit you’ve used a photo of above:

    I’m sure they’d appreciate the link back.

    1. thank you so much!

  16. I have a free printable for that scripture valentine you posted last. you can find it here:

    love some of these other ideas! I love Valentine’s day. Instead of going out together, my husband and I have decided Valentine’s Day is to be spent with our boys eating fondue and exchanging homemade valentine’s with each other. We want our boys to know how much we love them!

  17. Love all of the ideas! 🙂 The nails that you posted are by a girl on youtube called “cutepolish”, just in case you wanted to link her! 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’ll link her!

  18. Awesome round up!! Definitely checking some of these out. Thanks so much for sharing my printable too! 🙂 xo

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  21. What a great collection! We’ve shared your list on your blog! Thank you 🙂

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